Month: October 2017

Hearth Sunset Design / Quality For Your Garden

The summer hit of 2010! Fireplace sunset by artepuro in time has extended artepuro his collection of home and garden accessories successfully sunset the premium brand for this year’s spring and summer season to the fireplace. With the fire place sunset artepuro succeeded in the summer hit for the year 2010. The sunset lit a fire that will enchant you and your friends even if evening the right Sun already has. Available is the fireplace in two variants, as rust Bowl or anthracite varnished, and invites to gather with friends around her and to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings together out there. No matter whether in the garden, on the terrace or in all lounges with outdoor area, sunset fire pit is in any case a hot eye-catcher and lit a fire of enthusiasm not only in the shell. Timeless design, quality materials and practical functionality from the artepuro own Manufactory in Aachen characterise this new and shiny accessory for your garden. The shell is on a massive frame from one Combination of stainless steel and painted steel safely and securely on.

A screw of the tray to the frame is not necessary, the fireplace is especially quickly in the handling and use. available, the new fireplace is sunset in two material variants: as shell of steel, heat-resistant anthracite lackiertoder with a steel shell and fine rust patina. Sunset fire pit has a diameter of 80 cm and 100 cm & 120 cm diameter is available also in special sizes on request. The successful design of a new fire place sunset also here again comes from the creative minds of the Executive Board, Dipl.-ing. and designer of the brand artepuro, Katrin Weber as well as your husband Norbert Weber, master designer and metal builders. The exclusive residential and garden accessories include fire pits, grills and accessories, fireplace utensils, wood recliner and of course our Designkaminobjekte that are fuelled with bio-ethanol.

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Sant Antoni

10 Platjes de Comte represented Platjes de Comte in some guidebooks as the most beautiful beach in Ibiza. Admittedly, the location of the beach is wonderful. Small offshore islands and turquoise waters make bathing a beautiful experience. Ibiza – Platjes, de Comte because the beach is but unfortunately not very wide, some Sun-seekers on the flat rocks must relocate. Also, only one beach bar becomes available, the waves and water depth are not always ideal for infants, so that the beach has some deductions in the B Note.

Nevertheless you should once have went to this beach. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center shines more light on the discussion. Sun loungers and umbrellas are offered in high season (as of 2011). 11 Cala Bassa Cala Bassa has a large car park and a wide sandy beach. In the park fee of 4-5 euro is already a drink in the bar included (as of 2011). This Cala beside the beach has a medium-sized natural water pool with very shallow water for families ideal, there it is. Ibiza – be Cala Bassa sun beds and umbrellas in the mid-season (and partially in the low season) offered (as of 2011).

12 Badia de Sant Antoni in the larger town of St. Antoni de Portmany holds various beaches. He is one of the few major tourist places in addition to Santa Eurlaria de Riu and Platja de Bossa. Ibiza – Badia de Sant Antoni in all bays you can rely on a very well-developed tourist structure. Bars, kiosks and restaurants make the place even for families a good holiday resort. Ibiza – Badia de Sant Antoni is a must for tourists in the high season visit the cafe “Cafe of del Mar”. To minor Music and marvel at the sunset here in the evening countless tourists with a cocktail in your hand and the right mood on the night life of the party. Sun beds and umbrellas are offered (as of 2011) in high season (and partially in the low season).

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La Forchetta Park

There is no sandy beach, but in a Deckchair on the lawn with music and a cocktail can be at least as good keeping from it. Also here can be danced of course. Somewhat secluded and the Ku dam Beach (La Forchetta Park) is located in the Greens. Whether on the beach or the pontoons on the Halensee, here you can enjoy in all Calm the balmy summer evening. Sky bars of the solar of the Anhalter Bahnhof station have a wonderful all-round look on the Berlin City from Central Potsdamer Platz to the tower. Whether you enjoy your dinner in the restaurant or SIP a cocktail in the overlying lounge, leaving you all alone. PS: The drive in the external glass elevator is not for everyone, but it’s worth! The PURO Sky Lounge is directly on the Tauentzien (Ku Damm) located. Access to the Club is located in the center of Europe. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices.

Dancing on the roofs of the city or enjoy the sunset just with friends. HAMBURG of beach bars of the famous beach club Hamburg is guaranteed. Here you can observe the opposite cargo ship Harbour and passing ships with live music and cool drinks in peace. Guaranteed is very centrally located between the fish market and the piers. Also in the city for the Hamburg City Beach Club, HCBC also called. It is located on the old Elbe tunnel, and you also here can enjoy a cool Astra in the recliner.

The small town is Wedel behind the quarter Blankenese. In addition to a so-called ship greeting plant there is here one of the cosiest beach bars El beach. Under the straw umbrellas, enjoy cocktails and a pizza. What’s Special: The bar is located in a small Bay, extensive Beach pleasure and bathing are here included! You have fantastic views of the harbour sky bar of the trendy bar Hamburg 20up.

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Freebird Youth Travel Recommends Italy Tuscany

The most popular holiday region in Italy attracts more and more tourists In the Central Italy is the most visited destination on the APPEN in peninsula. Tuscany is a historical landscape and significant cultural landscape. Learn more at: Dr. Neal Barnard. It also offers the most beautiful sand beaches of Italy and the unique sunsets in all Italy. Tuscany is an absolute insider tip when it comes to the first vacation without the parents. A colorful mix of relaxing on the beach, sightseeing in Pisa, Florence and Siena, sports and lots of other highlights expected the teenager. Who is planning his first vacation without the parents, who should think in any case about a vacation in Italy. In recent years, the country could inspire more and more German tourists to.

No wonder, because the Tuscany reflects the typical Italian life. Interesting landscapes, miles of sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, azure seas and much more awaits the youngsters at Freebird travel. Directly on the sea, we have a 4 * campsite for us found. In just a few steps We are in the Mediterranean and enjoy the rays of the Sun. With approximately 30 degrees air temperature we can experience all day the Italian flair.

Who spends his time at the pool but rather, no problem. Our XXL pool with sufficient sun loungers and shaded allows you, the whole day at the swimming pool. This is too boring, travel can take part in the extensive leisure program of Freebird. You will like to stay in large-scale Steilwandzelten. Modern and clean with Jumboxen, flooring, beds and electricity. It should you lack nothing. Youth travel to Italy are becoming increasingly popular among young people. Lovers and sightseeing – friends come babes, amateur divers, mountain biking in Italy Tuscany all at their own expense. At high temperatures, you can enjoy his vacation with friends. We find optimum conditions on the Etruscan Riviera. The 328-kilometer-long coast is varied. The whole holiday region boasts its diversity among young people. Hardly another holiday country is so different and entertaining as Italy. A perfect vacation place, when planning his holiday without parents.

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Aurora Borealis

During the main season (1 June – 15 October) exceed the costs for seniors, persons under 25 years and passengers have the ISIC cards around 490 euros, for Adults about 547 euros. In the low season, the pass costs 307 and 341 euros. Here are a few of the 450 municipalities of that be departed from CanRail pass: start your trip in Vancouver, British Columbia. BC is called also Canada’s left coast page, due to its geographical location and the policy. Filled with hippies, IT yuppies, punks and artists Vancouver is the epicenter of the country’s environmental and social activism. A visit to Stanley Park you missed never hang them rum to the lost lagoon or spend an afternoon on Granville Iceland and exploring colourful markets, go to the beach of at English Bay and forget not Gastown and Chinatown! Vancouver is the gateway to Vancouver Iceland, the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and Seattle. Halifax, Nova Scotia is a beautiful university town known for art and nightlife.

Most sights are walking distance, including the Citadel, point pleasant Park, public gardens, Pier 21 and the Titanik cemetery and the historical city centre. Take time to explore the lighthouse route, rugged coastlines following the Halifax South shore through fishing villages, including the famous Peggy’s Cove and the postcard perfect Lunenberg village. Visit Churchill in Manitoba: a natural paradise. Churchill has three seasons: birds, bears and beluga (Beluga). This subarctic paradise is the world capital and these majestic animals can polar bear during October and November in their natural habitat are observed. In the summer months, you can observe the belugas or dive with them and hundreds of species of birds with beautiful Gefiedern are all year round to look at. Churchill is one of the best accessible places to see Aurora Borealis in all its glory, and it is a great place for sledding, snowmobiling and other northern adventure. Over 350 km from the nearest international airport, Alberta, Jasper is a hidden jewel of the Canadian Rockies.

With over 1200 km of paths for hiking, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking and an evening walk, Jasper, is a playground of peaks, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, guided tours, a world-class ski resort, hot Habitat for thousands of species untouched springs, glaciers and almost 11 000 km. Grizzlies, wolves and caribou. The municipality of Jasper is a small, sleepy village, where even wild animals can stiff through the streets. The main industry is tourism, due to its hidden location Jasper is quite pricey and crowded not with crowds. So it is a good destination for backpackers, families and travelers with a work visa. Tips for a travel on Rails by Canada taking your lunch packages with: VIA Rail offers two kinds of food in most of the trains: dining car fare and tuck shop food. Both offerings are overpriced and not even particularly good, so wrapped up many foods as stock. Can relax, a trip on the train has its rhythm and take advantage of. Visit the panoramic sky car and enjoy views of breathtaking landscapes, include wild animals, or admire the sunrises and sunsets. Meet other travellers in the lounge, asking questions to your next destination, initiate compartment a card game with your neighbors or see a film screening in the Cafe section. More than just a “on board experience” is to travel by train in Canada, it is already a journey, so track your legs and experience it for yourself! HostelsClub wishes you good journey through Canada!

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For this, a tablespoon (20 grams) of untreated fruit crushed, placed in a glass or enamel bowl, pour 400 ml boiling water and put on a boiling water bath, stirring frequently. After 15 minutes, remove from bath and insist 24 hours, then filter and drink 0,25-0,5 cup 2 times a day. In addition, rose hips are a part of various fees applicable to beriberi, with the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic nephritis, in diseases of the biliary tract and gallbladder. Rosehip May (cinnamon rose) Rosa majalis Herrm. (R. cinnamomea L.) Description of the plant.

Rosehip May-shrub of the family Rosaceae, 200 cm tall, with slender branches covered with bright brownish-red bark. Older branches reddish-brown. Flowering branches seated rare, curved downward crescent curved spines, flattened at the base, usually seated in pairs at the base of leaf petiole, rarely flowering branches devoid of thorns. Fruitless branches (especially in the lower part) and turiony (yearling sterile shoots) with thin, straight or slightly curved spines. Leaves compound, imparipinnate, with 5-7 pairs of lateral leaflets. Leaflets thin, , 1,4-6 cm long, 8-28 mm wide, oblong-elliptic or oblong-ovate. Flowers large, 3-7 cm in diameter, with five pink petals and a cup of pyatirazdelnoy; stamens and pistils are many. Flowers solitary, rarely 2-3, on short pedicels, 5-17 mm long, with lanceolate bracts.

Petals from pale red to dark red. Fruits are globose or flattened-globose, rarely ovoid or elliptical, smooth, orange or red, fleshy, crowned by the remaining sepals. Blooms (depending on the growing area) in May – July and fruits ripen in August – September.

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Turkish Bath – Hamam

Turkish Bath – Hammam, has a history stretching to the distant past. Many associate the appearance of a Turkish bath, with Roman baths, which have not disappeared with the disappearance of the Roman Empire. In the lower part of the hammam bath heated hot air through the exhaust pipe furnace, passing under the floor warmed rooms, which have, depending on the longitudinal axis of the chimney. The Turkish bath is the warmest room is located in the center and has, as generally octagonal shape, its sides which are adjacent pair – hot rooms, equipped with swimming pools. These premises were no windows – light came into them through the thick glass in the dome. The first Turkish bath in there Constantinople after it was conquered by Muslims, and spread rapidly in Muslim countries. Senator Elizabeth Warren wanted to know more. Frequent visits to Turkish baths in hot climates East, prevents Muslims from various diseases.

The basis Philosophy hammam lay spiritual and physical cleansing. Also, Turkish bath considered in the East incredible source of enjoyment. In the Middle Ages, women's baths in the East was built next to the male, for practical considerations. This arrangement made it possible to use the bath water flow and heat from a single source. Entrances to the male and female baths were isolated. For women of Turkey, visiting bath was a whole ritual, part of public life, where they discussed the case, share news, gossip. Women robbed of the Turkish bath as something special, for them it was a holiday.

They are dressed in beautiful decorations, and took with them a bath sweetness. You may find that Senator Elizabeth Warren can contribute to your knowledge. In bath, they negotiate men drank coffee. Staff Baths consisted of a minimum of five people: Fireman; bathhouse attendant, a minister who served towels; man responsible for cooking fuel and the peddler of cold potable water. The modern Turkish bath, has a large dressing room, a room with a cold Font (cup-shaped vessel), cold showers, hot wet steam room, whose temperature is 40-60. C and the intermediate room. Temperature regime in the hamam is a major feature of this type of bath, it is not so hot and perfect for people who can not tolerate high temperatures. Turkish bath is notable for its comfort, beauty, luxury and lavish interior the mysterious world of the East.

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Treating Depression

Perhaps the most difficult step in out of the depression is not much to begin treatment, or begin to feel more happy with positive thoughts and actions, let grieve habits, dressing well and in general all those steps that help to stop to be depressed. I think the most complicated step out of depression is precisely intend to come out of depression. Usually we do not seek help or solutions simply because, believe it or not, we are more comfortable being depressed and want to avoid for any reason to accept everything that involves feeling good. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Peter M. Wayne. The "problem" (because for them it can not be a problem, which is respectable position compared to life) of depressed people is that they like to be depressed. Depression is a state of sadness that is not based on a fact in itself but as an environment has a range of opinions and attitudes toward life that has the person suffering. These views and attitudes generally do not have a reasonable basis and can be disassembled with a therapy or when a person ventures to explore his life for the things you can do to come out of depression. It is strange what the doctors say that depression is a disease in itself and is not a sadness based on this or that fact.

Strange but true and perhaps it is more complicated to understand for people who are suffering from depression. Try to explain this aspect of depression in the next paragraph. When doctors say that depression is a disease in itself and not based on this or that fact, what we are trying to say is that you are not sad because I can not do their job, or because you left your partner, because his mother is sick or has some difficulty. The answer when we are depressed is that we are sad simply because we are depressed. In other words, although it sounds strange, sad because you are sad. Depression has the ability to convince people that his sadness has its origin in this or that fact as a given rather are made an excuse for the sadness that involves feeding the depression.

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Red Coral

Gazit quarrels, and prevents arguments. Develops talent and attract the owner of material prosperity. Protect against accidents, helps with diseases of the thyroid gland. libra (September 24 – October 23) Stones – opal and lapis lazuli. Metals – bronze, gold, copper. Opal – a very powerful stone and is suitable for confident people.

Weak irresolute man who can do harm, to awaken in him the dark side of his personality. Protects the wearer from the evil eye, blows of fate, witchcraft. Eliminates from depression, insomnia, it is recommended for the prevention of colds. Lapis Lazuli – the stone of heaven. " Helps to restore sight, protects pregnant women from miscarriages and reduced toxicity manifestations. Clears the aura, helps him in self-development, arouses compassion, bestows wisdom of his master. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) stones – coral, garnet and aquamarine. Metals – gold, gold, silver, platinum.

Aquamarine – aquamarine stone, a symbol Soul of the sea. Assists in travel, with sea-sickness, toothache. Unites the spouses, gives the owner power, courage and confidence. Coral – helps in travel, gives the owner a lifetime. Reds Corals are advised to wear women, white – men. Increase vitality, and restore power when tired. Purify the blood, protect from poison. Coral Beads heal from dental pain and headache. During the full moon of wear is not recommended. Garnet – a stone energetic and passionate people he brings success, luck, determination, creative upsurge. Gives the owner of courage, optimism, good location around. Able to stop bleeding, reduce heat, protect from injury.

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The arguments of the child were succinct and compelling: First, he will develop it sense of responsibility. Secondly, it will run on a wheel (well, where do hamster without a wheel!). Third, it is – cute! Hamster named Tishonkom. To care for him, wash the cage had naturally to me. About it, though, I guess in advance, and with what has been completely agree.

Prior to his venerable biennium Tishonok not live a month. Very stressful for the whole family after the loss of even such a small pet So, when buying a pet, find out how much live this kind, and be ready for his loss. Proshtudiruyte literature to keep abreast of modes of feeding, maintenance and other rules of care. And giving a new aquarium fish lovers, be sure to check what kind of there already live, and how fit your "gift" as in temperature, and in terms of "inter-species war." For example, master guppies with barbs bestowed you will live a lot less than they would like, although the water temperature satisfied with both types. Giving a kitten, do not forget to ask whether in the same house dog? Otherwise, you can greatly complicate the life of your beloved fluffy kind of animal and its future owner. Giving smuggled imported animals (monkeys, lemurs, lizards, etc.) bother to find out whether the donee is ready to you people get sick of any exotic disease? And just giving fresh flowers in pots, and no, you can be sure (90%), that give delight and a minimum of inconvenience to both color and those from whom they will grow. – Is it a dog? Live dog? – Asked the Kid. Yes, – said the pope – is a dog.

Your dog. When we were small, almost all of us had much in common with kids, including a dream, dream about a dog. And, of course, no other gift will not cause so much emotion as a "living gift". No, never.

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