Month: May 2017

Alice Seleznev

Modern medicine is developing rapidly, but to cure the most common disease in the world is not able to. Think about it, there is at least one person, never suffered from a cold? For example, in a country as the uk, over 1 year registered 2,820,000 hospital days due to cold. Not without reason in a fantasy novel about Alice Seleznev runny nose is referred to as the only disease that have failed to eradicate the people future. Types nasmorkSuschestvuet many kinds of cold: vasomotor, allergic, infectious, medical, meteotropny, traumatic, hypertrophic and atrophic. Tell you about each of them in more detail. Vasomotor rhinitis or ‘vascular’ dance ‘is caused by dilation of blood vessels and occurs under the influence of different factors: emotional distress, hormonal disorders, tobacco smoke, exhaust, acute or hot food. PCRM often addresses the matter in his writings. Demonstrate this cold attacks copious mucous and muco-watery discharge, nasal alternately one, the second nose, sneezing, tearing, tightness in the head, sometimes – head pain.

When the chronic course of the patient is often worried about weakness, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, sweating, memory loss, heart rate, blood pressure rises. Allergic runny nose plays a special role. The annual number of such patients is increasing worldwide. The disease occurs under the influence of an allergen. For example, if the acts pollen allergen, we are talking about seasonal disease that occurs during the flowering plants. There is a calendar of flowering plants, knowing that the patient can avoid the disease, to be preceded by a course of prevention. Such cold called seasonal allergic nasmorkom.Nasmork may develop as a reaction to certain foods, house dust, feathers, feather, animal dander, etc.

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The Evaluation is part of the educative process whose aim is the one to emit a value judgment. Similarly it is related to the conceptions of education, the curriculum and the educational practice. Dr. Peter M. Wayne is likely to increase your knowledge. In our country Educative Evaluation it traditionally means to put a qualification; qualification that generally is obtained from an examination that by disposition of the educative authorities is based on the countable system of it bases ten. From this traditional perspective we can affirm that the educative evaluation in Mexico is a measurement synonymy and therefore a quantitative concept of ample positivista phantom.

The recent advances of sciences and the globalisation have transformed the importance of the knowledge; to degree like today it is catalogued as a factor of the production and it is spoken until of a society of the knowledge. This new scene also has hit to the education and by consequence to educative evaluation. The paradigm of an education for the life, within the framework of the processes to learn to learn, to learn to being and learning to do, causes that the evaluation stops being a final act, this is: a norm to appreciate the amount of obtained curricular learnings, to become – the evaluation an act intimately related to the learnings and the personality. Ester new criterion considers to the evaluation like a continuous process that you look for to verify that the student to constructed significant learnings with which it can solve his existential problems as as much academic. The evaluation model that demands the paradigm of education for the life does not look for to demonstrate that it exists a change of conduct in the student but a new attitude to face the life of rational way or with knowledge of cause. This criterial evaluation is sumativa and horizontal reason why it admits self-evaluation and the evaluation shared by the estudiantado one; the main methods in order to obtain it he is the one of projects, the learning by exhibition and the use of pedagogical constructivism and the technique of evaluation of portfolios, like evidencial process of the academic profits of each student.

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Christian Engel

He is finally here! The new Irongym training plan by Christian Engel. The Irongym workout schedule includes fitness equipment systematically all exercises to strength training in combination with the Irongym. Iron gym is a manufacturer, which has managed to develop a multifunctional tool for athletes. The iron gym company aims to develop sports equipment that are suitable for the application in the domestic sphere. Therefore, they developed the iron gym workout bar, the iron gym Xtreme training bar and the iron gym from straps. In the training rods have the advantage that they can be applied not only in the high range, but also on the ground.

They can be used there to complete exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups. The special, however, is that the training bar can also be mounted on any regular door frame without tools. The training bars are simply hooked into the door frame and then be fixed by your own body weight. It is thus easy to the training bar”fix and get back. Once completed, the fixing on the door frame the regular training sessions are completed. Pull-ups and Ridge grip pull-ups are not a problem.

The training but will make it easier, it is recommended to insert from straps in the. These are regular to the training bar and fixed the wrist, which is why the training ultimately easier. This is because only the own body weight must be worn while the training bar must no longer be held. This improves not only the result of the training, but also the motivation to continue conducting the training with the necessary determination. The Irongym-training plan written specifically by fitness model Christian Engel, for even more effective results in combination with the training units of the US manufacturer’s iron gym is revolutionary. The training bar are manufactured from high-quality steel so that they are able to carry up to 136 kg. They are nylon and thus tear from straps and can also in any regular gym be applied. Iron gym is one of the most successful manufacturers of solid training devices that have a good possibility of application in the domestic sphere. They are suitable for everyone, spontaneously, not the gym can visit or for each of preferably at home would like to train. In addition to the exercise equipment comes even a counselor in training and a nutrition counselor.

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Saving Floor Space

What is the problem resolves every host or hostess of a new apartment? We give you three attempts to answer the question. Just note that the repair and improvement of rooms are incorrect answers. Thoughtful? Okay, let's not simmer. Each of us in the new apartment, and not only in the new economy, decide on a residential area. Since the main area in our homes is furniture, then we will solve the problems raised with the placement of furniture.

Once the reservation that we use only the production of furniture for individual orders, but not finished cabinet furniture. So why is the production of furniture made to order to help resolve the issue cost-free living space? First, you can install this type of furniture, such as along walls or in a corner, with takes up minimal space. In the closet, located along the wall you hide not the only things clothing and bedding, but large items such as vacuum cleaners, boxes of household appliances. Especially given way to save space will be alive at a small square hallway and angular forms room. Secondly, the production of furniture in order to help you divide the room into two rooms. Why do it? If you have a studio apartment, if you already have children, then this will marginalize the premises for a nursery and adults. In this modern furniture manufacturing makes it possible to produce double-sided furniture, ie On the one hand you will not see a familiar sight for the bare wall. Each party will be a different facade rooms.

Agree, these are two ways to save vacant dwellings will help you significantly save valuable square footage. But that's not all. Manufacture of furniture by individual orders will allow you to not only save floor space, but also form a unique and unrepeatable interior design of the room. Do not you want to have a flat or house is different from your neighbors, friends and relatives?

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Do I Need A Face Lift ?

Agood question! A face lift is major surgery and surgery means blood, mess, discomfort, stitches and time to recover. A face lift is too expensive. There are risks to consider, a hematoma is a blood collecting under the skin and must be surgically removed. Damage to the nerves that control facial muscles is another although this is less common. Slow healing time can also be a problem, although this is mostly found in smokers. AO! and do not forget the usual risks that are involved with anesthesia.

On the positive side, the effects of a face lift are quite dramatic. It is undoubtedly the fastest and most permanent of shedding their “old face” and to recover some of that youthful beauty who was born with .. If you’ve followed these things and decided that the end result is worth it, then proceed, but first please ask yourself these questions. Why do I want a facelift? I’m doing this because the will help me find the job you really want? This is a valid reason to keep going. It should not matter to those who hire the applicant’s age or appearance, but in the real world, we know that these things play a role.

If you have a job that has a lot of public exposure, this may also be a good reason to continue. I’m doing this because my partner wants me? Red alert! Never let anyone convince you to have a facelift. It is a very personal and unique to do. Ask yourself why you’re with someone who only values his appearance. Honor yourself, you are more than your face! Maybe you should be working on your relationship and leaving only the face! I have thirty-five years and have a lot of wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks and neck is all mottled A facelift will not help this situation. You are better off exploring the path of laser or chemical peels, pulling the skin layer and reveal the old smoother younger appearance. You seem to have a lot of sun damage, educated in the use of sunscreen! Its most important of all aesthetic. I’m depressed and I feel good about myself. Maybe a facelift will help me feel better? For a while, but it seems that you have a problem of self-esteem. Learn to love yourself how are the first. So if you still feel a facelift would give a boost to their morale, go ahead. I’m in my announcement of the early fifties and my face is starting to fall very badly. I can afford surgery and I recognize that it could only do it for myself. A good idea, I thought through and decided its something that you do not want something you need. Find a professional surgeon in your area and follow his advice on how to prepare for a facelift. Do not forget to mention any medications you are taking and if you are a smoker, stop two weeks before surgery is scheduled. It will accelerate the recovery time.

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Ketchup, mayonnaise in our diet are simply irreplaceable. Drizzle with mayonnaise or ketchup, the food was so natural and automatic that we do not even notice how our hand is stretched to a bottle of sauce. We are accustomed to the fact that the sauce only improve the taste of food, but soften it, make it more soft and pleasant, and some spices and additives used in the cooking process, acting stimulant on the digestive organs. The French used to say: Architects cover up their mistakes facade, a doctor – the land, and the cook – sauce. The Romans used the sauce to hide questionable freshness. Sauce in translation from Latin means "salty", "salty." Ingredients for sauces and cooking techniques vary depending on the culture, cuisine and period vremeni.Sousy used in Russian, Trascaucasian and Japanese cuisine, but the most famous sauce was invented by the French.

Names sauces are often given either by the name of the author or celebrities (Minister of Colbert, Louis de Bechamel) or with a particular country, nation (sauces Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Scottish) Sauces come in different color – light and dark, the temperature – hot or cold, sharp and sweet, the texture – thick, medium density and liquid. Range of modern shops offering a huge selection of different sauces. Dr. Peter M. Wayne often addresses the matter in his writings. For instance, mayonnaise can be found in several versions: for the salad, meatless, for ravioli, home, Kamyshin, light, etc. And, as if he was not called still had one appointment to serve as a sauce, and hence to improve, and maybe cover up flaws products. You can use ready-made sauces, which offers a modern market products, but tastier and healthier will still be made with their hands and who knows, maybe you just invent a new sauce and give it my name!

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Nutrition Ingredients

Proteins. We need a daily intake of proteins due to constant organic wear. Cells and cell structures are made of proteins. The cell is nothing more than a bowl of protein filling of water where the nutrients are dissolved. Therefore, we need protein to form new structures. I.e., we are made of proteins, that is the raw material that we comply.

We need daily one gram of protein for every kilogram (500 mg/pound). A man needs 70 Gr. and a woman 60 Gr. as average. Proteins are made of amino acids, which are 22. Nine of them are considered essential because the Agency does not have the ability to synthesize them or train them, so you must necessarily receive them with our food.

We need proteins containing all amino acids essential and non-essential in a balanced way. If any of these missing dietary or lies in insufficient amounts, causes that the body can not form all proteins we need on a daily basis. Is It is recommended that 40% of the proteins we ingest is of animal origin and 60% of vegetable origin. Food is missing proteins for many reasons: 1.-insufficient supply. SAGE is often quoted on this topic. In our food protein 2.-Las missing diets to lose weight. When someone wants to lose weight, stop eating usually from 10 to 20 days. In those days, you only take coffee, or water or juices. The body needs protein every day to survive, and since in the body there is no place to store them, begins to take the proteins that it needs its own muscles; i.e., eaten your muscles. As a result, the person loses fat and muscle. 5 kg. of grease (10 lbs) and 1 kg. Muscle (2 lbs). This program provides sufficient amount of protein so as to lose weight, only lose fat and no muscle. Even with the program recovers all the lost muscle.

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For other uses, see Cancer (disambiguation).
When normal cells are injured or older, die by apoptosis, but cancer cells avoid apoptosis.
Cancer is a disease in which the body produces an excess of malignant cells (known as carcinogens, or cancer), with growth and division beyond the normal (invasion of surrounding tissue, and sometimes metastasis). Metastasis is the spread at a distance, mainly via lymphatic or blood, the cancer stem cells, and growth of new tumors in the destinations of thesemetastases. These properties differentiate the benign from malignant tumors, which are limited and do not invade or metastasized. Most cancers do not form tumors, but some (such as leukemia).
Cancer can affect all ages, even fetuses, but the risk of the more common with increasing age. Cancer causes about 13 of all deaths. According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died of cancer in the world during 2007.
The cancer is caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of cells. These abnormalities may be carcinogenic, as radiation (ionizing, ultraviolet, etc), chemicals (from industry, snuff smoke and pollution in general, etc) or infectious agents. Other genetic abnormalities are acquired during cancer normal DNA replication, not corrected the errors that occur during the same or are inherited and therefore present in all cells from birth (causing an increased likelihood of triggering disease). There are complex interactions between carcinogens and genetic material, one reason why some individuals develop cancer after exposure to carcinogens and others are not. New aspects of the genetics of cancer, such as DNA methylation and microARNs, are being studied as important factors to consider for their involvement.
The genetic abnormality found in cancer cells could be of point mutation, translocation, amplification, deletion, and profit / loss of an entire chromosome. There are genes that are more susceptible to mutations that trigger cancer. These genes, when in its normal state, are called protooncogenes, and when they are mutated are called oncogenes. What these genes often encode growth factor receptors, so the genetic mutation causes the receptor produced is permanently activated, either encode growth factors in whether, and the mutation may have produced growth factors in excessive and uncontrolled.
The cancer is generally classified by tissue from which cancer cells originate. A definitive diagnosis requires histological examination, although early indications of cancer may be given after symptoms or radiography. Many cancers can be treated and some cured, depending on the type, location and stage or state in which they are located. Once identified, is treated with the combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to research, treatments are specified according to the type of cancer, and recently also of the patient. There was also significant progress in developing drugs that act on specific molecular abnormalities in certain tumors and minimize damage to normal cells. The diagnosis of cancer in this patient, largely influenced by the type of cancer, as well as the stage or the extent of the disease (often in the initial state is often confused with other diseases where there is no appropriate differential diagnoses) .

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Benefits And Harms Of Pizza

Many experts in the field of food advocate that pizza is not acceptable for a healthy diet and is very harmful for the organism. In defense of his views they put forward the fact that by itself a hot stone oven and the temperature at which baked pizzas, reaches 450 degrees. fact of the claims to the pizza – only in Italy, its use million pieces, and thousands pizza ovens, and home smoked the sky of Europe, delay atmosphere dangerous to breathe. call it “crushed tomatoes in a handful of flour with straw olive for taste.” But is this true? There is no dispute – two hundred years ago Pizza poor. James A. Levine, M.D. is a great source of information. And they did not care about the problems with the environment or harm pizza – most importantly, eat! But now as a dish pizza global brand, and pizza can easily be found in any . In addition, this pizza is in a hot oven no more than , for which its constituent dough and laid on top ingredients -cheese and transformed, in fact, a delicious and coveted product -Pizza. But the problems are endless pizza haters. Someone even saw 666 – a symbol of Satan It seems that fighting with fans of pizza and pizza will continue at that time as there is humanity itself..

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Thus, the author leaves clear the first mission of the Philosophy: to destroy, that is, to say the opposite of what effective and he is preset. This process occurs continuously in the time, where a thought already aged stereo and is substituted by a new paradigm, and thus successively. The example of this dynamics of suppression of ideas for other news meets in the philosophers of the Antiquity, since they were masters in suppressing for new and reformulated points of view the ideals of they had preceded that them. Following this line of reasoning, all creative thought was, in its nascedouro, the negation of the effective one until then. But this factor does not lead necessarily to a continuous and linear progress. He is what in the author in this ticket says to them: ' ' Any knowledge initiates being negao.' ' this is not exclusive of the Philosophy, therefore science occurs in all. Dr. Peter M. Wayne will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The philosophy in Brazil is devoid of critical sense.

According to author, is an error to consider the philosophy one to know disinterested, a time that, in principle, all knowledge is interested. All studious, being philosopher or not, &#039 is said; ' moderno' ' when the act takes the effect to destroy and at the same time to create; however it is considered modern in its respective time and place, that is, in the occasion and the historical context where this process occurred. For the posterior centuries, after the consolidation and fertility of the new paradigm, these ideas also will be suppressed and substituted by others, reason by which later will be considered classic. The first philosophical movement occurrence in Brazil was initiated in years 30 and lasted until the decade of 70 – it was the call ecleticism. Resumidamente, means a juxtaposition of ideas. Its main characteristic is the conciliation of the harmonic ideas of different teses, with the consequent suppression of what it will be dissonante between them.

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