Month: March 2018

Center Opportunity

Autumn time – means rough beauty and variety of colours. Autumn – which is also an Internet portal for the elderly and Jungegebliebene, has since October 26 on the net. At endocrinologist you will find additional information. Meet people with similar interests, collect valuable information or just a little chat – which offers the nationwide portal with regional groups. I became unemployed at the age of 59 and three days before my 60th birthday, I had a new job,”Carla Brendel is pleased. The new employer: the autumn time seniors Portal GmbH, which provides an Internet platform for elderly and young at heart under. Contrary to the trend in the labour market, it is part of the autumn time philosophy to employ older people.

We appreciate this mix of ambition and experience”, says the Managing Director Andreas Stolze. Since 26 October, the Internet project is now online We consider ourselves as a partner of the elders and the young at heart”, says the Managing Director and developer. You deliberately on expressions such as 55 + or similar. You wanted regardless get the appropriate place in the new media age the experienced generation. The range starts with a great national and a first regional portion for Kulmbach. In the course of time, other regions should happen. The platform is clearly structured and so far possible barrier-free.

A special highlight: People whose Augen are no longer the best, can read the texts themselves. Users have the opportunity to exchange ideas on various topics in forums and chats or just a little chat on Info Center for wellness, health, law, Bauen & Wohnen, food & beverage, recreation & hobby inform and advise visitors of the portal. But that’s not all, all members have the opportunity, to actively participate in except as a moderator in the chat or as an author of articles. A membership to is absolutely free. Cooperation partners from the private sector are welcome. But plate PR or penetrating We will not allow advertising banners on our site”, explains Wolfgang Grunwald, commercial Director of the company. Nationwide, premium partners have the opportunity to present themselves in an attractive environment as sponsors. Regional companies, which offer targeted products or services, have the opportunity to present themselves through articles in their own areas of the page. In addition these companies the autumn time certificate “to purchase to show at first glance, that offered articles are senior-friendly. In the near future, more offers will be presented on, allowing the visitors to take never considered options. Autumn time arises as an exciting development, whose Ende is impossible to judge.

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Obergurgl Crystal Lounge

It continues then with an opening party at the 21st in the Obergurgl Crystal Lounge, where also the candle-light Party held on Nov. will be. “To the to the advisers, Tyrol’s top cover band will also Winterize the rat bat blue” live occur in Obergurgl. On 4 December, the Seer type”with a live music concert on the ground the honor. The round of the event will be accompanied by numerous specials on all cabins and the usual fairytale scenery at the end of the otztal. Who wants to enjoy Obergurgl in the context of a package, exciting arrangements with 2 or 3 nights (Thu-Sun or Fri-Sun), 2 – or 3-day ski pass, as well as free entry to the events offer the all three opening weekends. In the 4-star hotel including half-board package, for example, from 196 euro or 3 days from 284 euros per person is available, the retired incl.

breakfast comparatively already from 139 euros or 198 euro per person. The more interesting opening offers even under Ski resort Obergurgl-hochgurgl is in all respects for top quality skiing”: the car-free winter sports at the end of the otztal Alps offers thanks to its exquisite infrastructure the perfect ambience for a superlative winter holiday. This includes snow cover from November to may, a gorgeous high alpine mountain panorama and a first-class hotel industry landscape. Because in Obergurgl-hochgurgl begins where it commonly ends the pleasure of winter sports: the spacious ski area, which frees the views of 21 three-thousanders stretches between 1,800 and 3,000 metres above sea level. 24 state of the art ski lifts with a capacity of nearly 40,000 persons per hour provide a fast ride without waiting, open up the 110 km of slopes of all degrees of difficulty. Also the wellness factor is so divine as the winter sports conditions. “” So two prominent gourmet highlights are offered for a refreshment above the clouds: the 360 -panorama-bar top Mountain star “to 3,080 m or the sunny Alpine Restaurant Hohe MUT Alm” on 2,670 m stylish complete fully the stay apres ski and the distinctive SPA culture of invariably high-class hotels on the spot an unforgettable experience. Interested parties on find all details about the diamonds of the Alps.

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Cape Verde Islands

“Willow Park stone: it smells of gingerbread and mulled wine, the radio stations play last Christmas” up and down signs that Christmas is coming. As every year is the question of all questions just before the Festival: what give I my loved one? A fine scented water as last year for the spouse? For parents a meal voucher for a fancy restaurant? Or maybe an exclusive illustrated book? A gift alternative for this year’s Christmas is a travel voucher. Many who want to go to stress and hustle and bustle in the pre-Christmas city centers, book travel voucher or travel in an online travel agency. At any other time of the year we sell as many vouchers as before Christmas”, explains Nicolas Gotz, owner of the online travel agency nix how-away. de.

“His further observation: increasingly, a holiday is booked for family members or friends as a Christmas gift.” Top multi-day city trips are available on the wish list, E.g. to London, Paris or Vienna, but also wellness days. Increasingly, access Gotz ‘ customers deeper in the Pocket and create even telescope under the Christmas tree. Another trend: on Christmas Eve a travel voucher unpack, a few hours later already sit on the plane. Many have vacation between the years anyway, a spontaneous trip is the surprise for everyone par excellence.

“Because we can welcome just about pure holiday enjoyment,” says Nicolas Gotz. At the turn of the year, he recommends objectives such as Canaries, or if anyone would like further away, the Cape Verde Islands, as well as the U.A.E.. The ideal time is also in Costa Rica or South Africa. With a little luck there are still last-minute bargains for many holiday destinations”explains Nicolas Gotz. “His tip for anyone who wants to give away a trip or a travel voucher: so that the documents in good time on Christmas Eve on the gift table, you should book with us no later than three days before Christmas.” Company background: Nix how-away .de features since 1996 pricing and Event-dependent selection of cheap last – minute and package holidays and flights, hotels and rental cars. 15 people are employed at the sites in Weiden (Oberpfalz), as well as in the neighbouring Park stone. Nix how-away .de has one of the few online travel agencies a 24-hour emergency hotline, as well as an individual customer support through a personal contact was established. The company stands for holidays as a treat”. This means: enjoy a holiday, means to worry about anything.

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Romantik Hotel Bollant BBs Hotels

But the peculiarity of the new Mercussini is not only the high quality selection of hotels: each of the participating houses granted with an exclusive wellness check while relaxing together a considerable price advantage on a featured arrangement. This ensures the second person usually a 50% discount on the tempting wellness offers. This is equivalent to a benefit of an average of 192 euros. The acquisition of the Mercussini has pays off so guaranteed (!) already more than after the first stay. You may want to visit Dr. John Mcdougall to increase your knowledge. Classic guides are very well suited to obtain counsel to the accommodation to the assessments of experts. Cheque books offer additional incentives, the project – to treat – also in the Act to implement a short wellness break. Most coupon books in turn arrange discounts for any hotels and restaurants. We go far beyond.

The featured hotels and spa resorts are very high quality before – and represented so that a selection for the right feel-good hotel easy. The included wellness checks ultimately be decisive to implement the project Wellness’. We remain faithful to our premium claim and provide additional information and background for wellness and well-being feeling topics., Robert Rethberg, editor of the book. Most of the hotels listed were rated by the major critics of the hotel and found good or very good. And so they persuade not only by first-class names, but also by special service. Appointed the Weinromantikhotel Richtershof “in Mulheim an der Mosel became the host of the year 2005” and the service star 2006 ‘ award.

Because this hotel also boasts a first-class spa, it is of course in our hotel and wellness Guide”, explained Gerald Peter, editor and good feel expert at Mercussini. There also are hotel in German-speaking countries, the Spa-Hotel Jagdhof first Molton Brown “in Austria, as well as the Romantik Hotel Bollant BBs in the Park” in bathroom Soebernheim with a Special trial offer represented. “The latter was from the German Wellness Association first with very good” award. The range is rounded off by the Grand Hotel BINZ on the Baltic Sea Island of Rugen and the sport & SPA resort A-ROSA Scharmutzelsee, which offers a price advantage of 230 euro. The attractive wellness arrangements, all exactly described as well as the participating hotels. Thus, the decision for one of the featured houses easier. Sky you Mont stressed in the preface that this should be the only reason never, to opt for a Mercussini: this book can help you not only choose of your pampering packages, it should give you a decisive impulse for this intent with special invitations, because it will be good you and your environment. Escape a few days from the daily routine and treat yourself to a short holiday to relax and enjoy. “The new edition of the hotel and wellness guide is strictly limited. The book is an exclusive Offer of our publishing house and hotels”, explains this step Raghavan. The high-quality book costs 29,90 EUR once. The offers are valid until November 30, 2008. You can order the Mercussini hotel and Wellnessfuhrer”on the Internet at and by phone at (01805) 937886 (0,14 / min). When you will have the opportunity otherwise, some of the best hotels at the exclusive price get to know? Sign up information for journalists for more information and draw actions please contact: Robert Rethberg Tel.: (0351) 315 55 37 images can be loaded into the press section under down.

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Advertising Trend

Word head, freelance copywriter, written website texts and electronic public relation. In the first quarter of 2009, 15.1 percent gross flowed more advertising bucks in online media in comparison to the previous year. The currently strong demand for Internet advertising, including texts for Web sites and targeted for the World Wide Web written news, confirmed also Word head, freelance copywriter in Mannheim with additional marketing qualifications. Nielsen Media assessed the development of the online market as very stable, always more pronounced than in other advertising media. A tendency which uses Word head as a freelance copywriter.

After all, the Internet as a distribution channel is suitable by online PR specifically to market products, services or companies. Press information can be spread relatively inexpensive, with the lyricist services distinction be made between attractive optimization work by existing messages, or entirely new PR texts. In any case, Word head knows his craft as a freelance copywriter. Not only because of the free advertisers on many years of experience in advertising agencies can build, but also because the reliable PR writer understands it, to include important keywords so keywords in the PR messages. In contrast to classical PR meets the online press release for the Internet, also electronic public relation called, thus a more important purpose and main benefits: increases the Findability for the provider of press news. User use specific keywords for the Internet search, they encounter almost inevitably on the news with interesting product content, company news or offers new service provider. In addition, the trend, confirmed for Word head that website texts are written specifically for the search criteria.

Concept and text developed of a homepage of advertisers tested over many years in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region is oriented towards therefore the acquired expertise from agencies and as a text-Freelancer. For even more analysis, hear from James A. Levine, M.D.. This word head for different industries, because crucial lyricist properties stand out: flexibility at Topics, reliable appearance of even more difficult matter, and the in-depth consulting services in the development of advertising projects for print and Internet. A.D.; Source: Nielsen Media Word head, Andreas Dresch m.a., freelance copywriter in Mannheim and experienced with traditional advertising (brochure, brochure, flyer, display such as cosmetics, food, health, wellness, furniture), direct marketing (mailing, sales letter, advantage action such as cosmetics, health, furniture, designer lighting, lottery), Internet design and text, as well as online PR (press releases for publication on the Web). Word head, Andreas Dresch M.A..

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Dear friends of tomato and / or health fans! We warmly welcome and glad that you – directly or surreptitiously – have found their way to our brand new site anyway! With us the tomato revolves around. Well: Almost everything to-Ma-Te should be a portal in the first place for updates, reports, articles, book tips, background information, you need to know (news as well as afloat into oblivion or things that you often prefer wisely conceals us) to the issues, nutrition, fitness, well-being and long life to itself to feel completely and result in a fulfilling and meaningful life in perfect health! Also issues such as nutrition by means of subtle energy (because the man does not live by bread alone!) as well as why you here the possibilities looming today again to be able to achieve a truly biblical age, as long as it provides the course in time and know, should not be excluded. The to – Ma – Te, this plump red fruit, the framework does not offer us only one of the fullest, but also the most versatile vegetables. She was fiery red, however, not always, pomodoro Italian name (= gold Apple) have pointed out. From the new world in the old brought and their names the Aztec Tomatl owing, she minds divided. On the one hand called the paradise Apple (so might that Eva Adam has imposed no Apple at all, but?), was long time misunderstood and underestimated, yes even frowned upon as faithless tomato “and fomenting as the passions. For more information see this site: endocrinologist.

Brought into disrepute as inedible and poisonous, she had a life as an ornamental plant in Europe for many decades. But even that could not stop their triumph. It is now on everyone’s lips and from our diet impossible to imagine, their nutritional value is undisputed and is praised everywhere. But the tomato can do much more! It was three days before a high-pressure turns into a depression, it is processes, their sensitive skin strengthened so that it is better prepared against the bad weather front and not bursting even during heavy rains. You developed as almost clairvoyant abilities, had known it? So she should stand because for many other great vegetables here, to provide a decent background for our health portal. But don’t worry, thanks to personal statements and there will be never too dry and to scientific reports and even tomato celebrities will have their say. u0085and also the concern to have old tomato varieties and maintain should be given a little space. Because they come in many colors and even striped! Save the tomato and health! Press contact: Andre record storage place you village F 20166 Pietrosella, France tel.: 0033 684096383 web: E-Mail: to-Ma-Te – the other side for well-being, health, anti aging, wellness, partnership, fitness and success – practical tips through articles, press releases, news, Books, texts…

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Holidays In Germany

Holidays in Germany most beautiful holiday regions – North Sea, Baltic Sea, Bayerischer Wald… Germany a holiday destination? Properly, the increasing numbers of visitors in certain regions are the proof. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is now the Nr. 1 on overnight stays in Germany. Especially the Baltic region with its many resorts here to mention. Everything is freshly renovated and hardly any buildings from the former East Germany. But only in the holiday resorts. Unfortunately, there are also areas that have declining visitor numbers.

Such as the resin or the Bavarian Forest. Here, it was failed to invest in the infrastructure. As long as the building owners do not invest or rehabilitate the holiday numbers will be continue to decline. The claim of tourists from home and abroad has changed. In addition to the renovation also a concentration on key topics is necessary like E.g. Learn more at: James A. Levine, M.D.. cyclists in the Inland nature Wattenmmer, wellness…) The Nr. 1 in Germany on overnight stays is the North Sea resort of Cuxhaven.

About 3 million overnight stays, year after year are counted here. Here is properly invested. For every purse, a North Sea finds apartment here. Especially the Spa part of Duhnen is high-priced. Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg and Cuxhaven of Grimmershorner Bay is not quite as expensive, although the building is mostly old. But guests don’t stay out, because the North Sea air attracts families with children. Cuxhaven has a lot of course. The drama between ebb and flow every day. Or make a day trip to the island of Helgoland by ship or visiting the island of Neuwerk at low tide to walk. Of course, also the km invite long sandy beaches. Gorch Fock in the homeland StralsundAn of the Baltic Sea is especially nice for me the island of Usedom. Clean water and the countless bad bridges, part of the Roman Empire. Or you visited Rugen, quickly accessible now via the new Rugen bridge in Stralsund. Before you pass the Rugen bridge should be Stralsund’s old town not to be missed. If you’re lucky you can the sailing ship “Gorch Fock” here in your home port visit. You can find accommodation here primary near the beach at high prices. More expensive than the North Sea. Seebaederbrueke Heringsdorf, Germany there are inland in Germany naturally beautiful areas. For example, the Weser uplands. Here can you use E.g. the Weser cycle path and the source of the river Weser Weser landscapes explore far to the North at Bremerhaven. This was just a little insight on the topic of holiday in Germany. To be continued… Bodo MICHALSKI

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Austria: Beauty and Wellness Vacation

Beauty & wellness holiday in Austria and South Tyrol the new book can be viewed for free – page for page – on the Internet. We don’t want to complain. Definitely not. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. That we give our life, like to is good, really good, and sometimes it is also beautiful. For example, when the first rays of the Sun our pale skin comforting caress in the spring.

So, we have no reason to be morose. Or, a little at least? Ok then. Sometimes, life is hard. The blue in the sky is no longer the radiance of our last bad holiday and the color red, reminds us less of the fine Strawberry Jam on the breakfast sandwiches, as on the thick runny nose of the neighbor. We find so sober: our body is mau and our mind a space of vehicle thoughts. So what to do? We need to get out.

We must move to places that do well we awaken our senses and strengthen our body. For example, in the places that here, in the newly released book “beauty & wellness holiday in Austria and” South Tyrol”, will be presented. 272 pages these places of well-being with about 1500 images are brought closer to you. 75 exclusive hotels describes both sides where you can enjoy life without prejudice. Honestly, relaxed and a bit exhausting. In these hotels, you give your body what it requires: active relaxation for the mind and rest for the soul. The book can be ordered at for 12.80, or free be viewed page by page on the Internet at. Verlag Peter H. Postler

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The Right Glasses Shape Sets Eyes Masterfully

Deep moments in warm summer nights is the glasses there not more of an annoyance? No, quite the opposite. The right model puts the eyes sent in the limelight. Fit the socket to eye distance, nothing in the way is an approach. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with James A. Levine, M.D.. Harmony then even glasses and brow, guarantee ensures that raised eyebrows at the opposite. The eyes of love are door – what Shakespeare was already knew detected Science: at first glance in the face is the eyes. That these are particularly good, glasses can control sent with the choice of the appropriate version.

For a bright open look, it is important that the entire eye area well through the glasses to see. Ideally, the center of the eye appears exactly in the middle of the glasses glass the pupil. The brewing almost form the upper part of the eye painting. You may be not covered or cut. So they come fully into its own, the upper edge of the glasses glass should follow their momentum.

For the choice of the version, this means: straight Lines for straight, flat BREW. The geschwungener and later the brow arch, more rounder and bigger the right goggles model fails. Sunglasses here make an exception: you may take the view of the brewing, as the dark glasses develop its own dynamic in the face. Also the distance the eye plays a role in the selection of the appropriate glasses. Well chosen is often “well covered” here: a high-use narrow nose piece in bright colors is recommended at narrow eyes. The side frame of the glasses must be quiet strong, however, stressed. The eyes are rather far apart, a distinctive, wide Jetty in dark colors makes good services. A frame discreet on the outside of the is beneficial here. Many optometrists advise not only on the choice of glasses, but are also fashionable questions with help and advice. Ultimately, the Yes to the dream glasses is always a matter of personal taste like all matters of the heart. Your contact person: Kerstin Karmakar head of PR and communications Board of Trustees of good seeing e.V. Werderscher market 15, 10117 Berlin phone: 030 / 41 40 21-22 fax: 030 / 41 40 21-23 E-mail: Net:

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Color Therapy

Indigenous peoples already use the positive effect of colors on the people. Color therapy by means of color glasses also Goethe documented ready the relationship between colors and the effect on the human soul. As well, the German physicist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp dealt with this issue. So, you can stimulate your body positively. By wearing color glasses you can positively impact your mood depending on the color.

The effect varies depending on the color scheme. The colour spectrum ranges from red to violet. Refer to for more information about color glasses. So you achieve a positive psychological effect colors by colors affect the human gel sample weight and the health of the body. The mood of the people can be influenced significantly by coloured light, E.g. by means of color glasses. Each color produces vibrations. Depending on the quality of this Farbschwinnungen distinction it also in the effect. You can compensate for missing vibrations through a Bille in the appropriate color. Using color glasses you can so your emotional and physical Restore well-being. Christian van Bergen

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