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Ketchup, mayonnaise in our diet are simply irreplaceable. Drizzle with mayonnaise or ketchup, the food was so natural and automatic that we do not even notice how our hand is stretched to a bottle of sauce. We are accustomed to the fact that the sauce only improve the taste of food, but soften it, make it more soft and pleasant, and some spices and additives used in the cooking process, acting stimulant on the digestive organs. The French used to say: Architects cover up their mistakes facade, a doctor – the land, and the cook – sauce. The Romans used the sauce to hide questionable freshness. Sauce in translation from Latin means "salty", "salty." Ingredients for sauces and cooking techniques vary depending on the culture, cuisine and period vremeni.Sousy used in Russian, Trascaucasian and Japanese cuisine, but the most famous sauce was invented by the French.

Names sauces are often given either by the name of the author or celebrities (Minister of Colbert, Louis de Bechamel) or with a particular country, nation (sauces Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Scottish) Sauces come in different color – light and dark, the temperature – hot or cold, sharp and sweet, the texture – thick, medium density and liquid. Range of modern shops offering a huge selection of different sauces. Dr. Peter M. Wayne often addresses the matter in his writings. For instance, mayonnaise can be found in several versions: for the salad, meatless, for ravioli, home, Kamyshin, light, etc. And, as if he was not called still had one appointment to serve as a sauce, and hence to improve, and maybe cover up flaws products. You can use ready-made sauces, which offers a modern market products, but tastier and healthier will still be made with their hands and who knows, maybe you just invent a new sauce and give it my name!

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Manufacturing Installation

Collimator sights Hakko guaranteed resistant, waterproof gazonapolneny. Tough and reliable coil spring, a member of a specially developed construction sight, can reliably keep the point sight even when the sight of large caliber. The main features of collimator sight hakko bed-5 Special multilayer lens coating that increases light transmission to 95% w With this aim Hakko Bed-5 SuperB provides a bright and clear image compared to other red-dot sight. so you do not see a significant difference between the target and its image. -27-layer coating of some lenses can completely to eliminate distortion of the aiming mark and double vision, wide field of view, waterproof and weatherproof and sight-Japan Manufacturing Installation sight Thanks to the integrated mounting system, the sight can be installed on almost any weapon equipped with a standard base weaver (including on arms with side mount bracket using the transient). Although the collimator sight is not critical to the removal of the exit pupil, necessary during firing to ensure the distance between the eye and the eyepiece at least 10 inches.

The sighting marks the 11 step brightness control marks located in the upper part of the sight. On the side of the sight is a 4-stage switch type reticle. Nutrition Reflex sight sight Hakko operates from a single molded battery CR2032 (3V) As soon as the grid becomes dim or cease to shine, you need to replace the battery. To do this, unscrew the battery cover, install a new battery plus (+) and tighten up the cover back.

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