Should to note that today many countries are experiencing shortage of fresh drinking water. Most of the fresh water is concentrated in the perennial ice and snow of Antarctica and Greenland, as well as in deep aquifers. Dr. John Mcdougall wanted to know more. Consumption of fresh water has tripled over the past half century, and the irrigated area during this period have doubled, it is primarily due to demographic growth. Experts predict the un, by 2030 47% of world population will live under the threat of water shortage. Already, many countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America are experiencing serious problems due to lack of fresh water. According to experts, every year from diseases associated with poor quality water, killed at least 1.8 million children under the age of five. Half of the inhabitants of the earth today live in cities, most of whom do not have the resources and infrastructure necessary for effective treatment and wastewater treatment. Alan Mendelsohn has firm opinions on the matter. In a message on the occasion of World Water Day un Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said today under threat as the quality of drinking water and general water reserves on the planet.

Dirty water kills as many people as war and violence, says the un. Our topic 'Interesting' last week was also devoted to the water – we have told it about 15 interesting facts about water. The whole world was plunged into the darkness within the action 'Earth Hour' last Saturday on the planet, an international environmental action 'Earth Hour'. Beginning with New Zealand, to this popular international event joined by more than 100 countries in various parts of our planet.