Now is all too late for a meaningful prevention? The virus influenza in Germany arrived in the last few days of the year. Increase the cases of the disease and the disease will spread further. In addition, the real virus flu is accompanied by an increasing number of colds, which are not to be confused with the real flu. Help against the real flu only an early vaccination and, if applied the Neuramidasehemmer to verordnenden of the doctor in time. The measures are important and well to prevent the serious influenza or to heal, before colds not but they do offer protection. What can you do so now, to strengthen the immune system and protect against colds? Well first of all, the General measures for a healthy immune system are helpful. Healthy eating and balanced sports in the fresh air. This strengthens the immune cells and helps to ward off flu like common cold viruses.

Who wants to do anything in addition, has two more opportunities, the well both complement each other. The cellular immune system can be strengthened specifically with probiotics and zinc in combination with vitamin C docking of cold viruses in the nasal mucosa can prevent. Current researches have proved that again and again. Who benefits from this kind of prevention especially? Certainly not the top fit model athlete. His immune system is likely to be strong enough. Most people benefit from the complementary measures that have a weakened immune system, for example, by professional or domestic stress or unbalanced nutrition. Doctors and pharmacists recommend taking an effective probiotics as the medical healing Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii and a high dosage zinc/vitamin C supplementary these people right now in the winter preparation.

The healing yeast is available as afterbiotic (PZN 4604255). Zinc plus vitamin C than there FluVitum (PZN 0765783). afterbiotic with 250mg capsule healing yeast costs 14.90 and FluVitum in the favorable month packs only 29.50. Both available in pharmacies or good health centres. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order afterbiotic and FluVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma shipping for customers. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. Dr. Gerhard Klages