Our agricultural sector constantly investing in new technologies, always with the idea of increasing its productivity and economic viability. However, it seems strange that while information technology (automated information), the great invention that has revolutionized the performance of most sectors of the global economy has not yet been used in agriculture in the same way. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from DOJ. With the computer, it is possible to accumulate large volumes of information, analyze and process it quickly, and also transmit it around the globe instantly. But the rural producer has not yet fully integrated to your company, simply because the computer industry has not adapted well to agriculture. This is where we come. We worked for many years in the agricultural sector, and know all the farm work, but we also used the computer to help and we know very useful. The great gateway to the sector is mandatory system of traceability, which automatically integrates all the cattle of the country in a large database. Our company works traced from its inception, and therefore consider ourselves professionals in this area, so we worry more and more to improve our services and make the most demanding technologies that are becoming older.

Specializing in farm management, and have always worked in this remote environment where they must keep information, process, analyze and transmit. My brother, Paul, has management studies and is familiar with any new technology that appears might be used. Between the two we created this company, COPERAGRO, which is dedicated to serving the livestock sector. Our friends and customers encourage us to further improve our services and in this way we are. The idea of creating this page, is a step in the provision of services, and we will adapt it to changes that are appearing.