In the right hands and with a large practice of catching catfish on Kwok, any Kwok made of different material, even the most irregular in shape, a tool for long workouts, you can achieve good results and catch trophy som render its verdict working 100%. For beginners to master this technique, such Kwok nedast positive results and it would be difficult to master the basics of catching catfish in Kwok, that will bring in only a disappointment, waste of time and deneg.V use of modern wrist Kwok made of titanium or stainless steel using the correct instructions for use, not necessarily to be a pro and spend time in a long workout. Anyone will be able to short period of time to master this technique and to publish easily without any effort over and over again right beckoning catfish . Application kvoka.Ruka wrist and hand should be completely relaxed. Login heel in the water must to be approximately 45%. Kwok knob fully compressible, as it will be difficult to produce wrist strokes, and a little support, thus, better and easier to work with a brush. Piglet at conducting zaglublyat of 3cm. up to 5 cm Work just brush arm remains nearly stationary. Read more here: patrick smith.

The yield of Piglet from the water should be as sharp. With the right , cotton should happen when penny stretch under water for an air bubble. Kvochim from 4 to 7 times at intervals of 2 seconds between shots, frequent strikes can be alerted catfish.