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To the new friends who had appeared. (A valuable related resource: stone clinical laboratories). To that they go to appear. Go to stone clinical laboratories for more information. ‘ ‘ The sincere friendship is a saint remedy Is a safe shelter (…) the true friends Of the chest and of faith the best friends inside do not bring of the mouth pretending Words or false histories ‘ ‘ (Renato Teixeira, in music ‘ ‘ Sincera’ friendship; ‘) ‘ ‘ The true friend is that one that supports its sucesso.’ ‘ (Cited for Zuenir Happiness in the book ‘ ‘ Envy: Badly secreto’ ‘) It is until easy speaking on the friendship. But to speak on the loss of friends is very complicated My friend Homero writer Mattos Jr, for email, in them makes this alert one: ‘ ‘ She is notable as he does not say yourself, not colloquy, does not argue yourself, not thing some on the Death, our only certainty regarding we ourselves. ‘ ‘ But somebody has that to speak, n? Then we go there. As that younger time was good where we were we sang Urban Legion, 14 Bis, Kid Bee and etc. in encampments, trips and excursions How times! There that homesicknesses that I have! my friends, cad? ‘ ‘ my friends, dispersed for the world, people does not meet more pra to sing those songs, that went off our heart ‘ ‘ (14 Bis, ‘ ‘ Lost in Abbey-Road’ ‘ , 1999). People, when she is young, believe that everything is forever. Ledo deceit ‘ ‘ If it remembers when people arrived one day to always believe That all age pra? Without knowing That pra always Always finishes?.

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I WANT TO CURE MYSELF. TO CURE IS TO RECOMMENCE NORM AP SILVEIRA OF MORAES /PSIC LOGA/POETESS, WRITER. ; 11/02/11 R+C/Alone the time pass turn. quickly But for my mind I do not find temporality I do not see it to pass, I lose the validity But the time is precious and passes relatively. I do not obtain to find itself: my identity In the streets I run away from all passer-bys, with fear I have same fear of me of what I am, of truth Because to certain they transtornam me remedies and I do not believe myself I do not obtain to communicate itself directly with My voice if it became weak and intelligible Nobody obtains to know what I really want I am quiet in my room invisible space In the room I can sail in the imagination To leave my ghosts to confrot with me In my indifferent illness without action I do not know you are welcome, does not know of the time, I forget until the friend Every day I make examinations, and volume a mount remedies I wait anxious, to the laboratorial result I do not support more to see remedies and diet I have mourning, tdio Prefiro to sleep, until the time to pass e, the gone ones to hospital I am thinking about the pain of the other patients In its pains, hidden tears, to suffer, to weigh, the health does not have price, nor hours for accidents I ask for the God of my heart, ask for haste to cure I think about the aged ones and children, interned, in the defenseless victims the suffering still is worse for the faith lack, patience of many professionals Only the faith and hope is as angels in the defense and those true professionals in its ideals Illness, leave in them fragile and in we feel them failed the death patrol, and ace times comes, is the fear of the finitude Our universe of life he is in a fragility and profligate Only the faith, and hope moves the heart with attitude Has illness has suddenly to pass As the clouds bringing storm rain, falls irrigation the land ties to pass and the sun of the health comes back full of Majesty *************************************************************** OBS: That this poem can give one little of hope to that they are sick. .

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