The localization of function studies indicate that the recovery problems often occur with injuries the right frontal and parietal lobes a "also present in patients with Parkinson's and Huntington's disease," whereas the encoding problems appear with Focus on the left frontal lesion., which will prevent you to remember facts of your current life. Usually occurs in cases of Alzheimer's disease or Korsakoff syndrome. Alterations in the coding creates difficulties for reconnaissance and recovery since the information could not be saved. Alterations in the recovery allow good performance in recognition tasks but not in free recall. Hear from experts in the field like PCRM for a more varied view. Finally, taking into account the temporary, permanent or temporary, there are different types: Amn. Temporary, A. Posttraumatic, following a state of lack of awareness, the subject shows severe memory problems, disorientation and confusion.

After a period of time, will recover, Electroconvulsive therapy, after the application of this therapy produces an amnesia period that will vary depending on how it was treatment administered, A. To know more about this subject visit The Laws of Human Nature. Global transient due to emotional stress or strong, following a sudden depression of activity in the hippocampus. It can affect the anterograde-usual-or retrograde A. Psychogenic, psychological in origin a "the least common, being the most common fugue states and multiple personality cases. Amn. A related site: christopher ridgeway mentions similar findings. Permanent Korsakov syndrome, usually occurs in people with alcoholism and malnutrition caused by alcohol itself, producing deficits of thiamine, because of sindrome.a will present anterograde and retrograde amnesia, surgical interventions can lead to different amnesic syndromes, vascular problems The type of memory that will be affected in relation to the brain area affected by such problems; anoxia and hypoglycemia, lack of oxygen to the brain can cause permanent problems with memory; herpica encephalitis, herpes simplex usually attacks when installed in the brain, the temporal lobes which can lead to memory problems, especially antegrade memory, Alzheimer's disease for its relevance will occupy a separate section.