Today I realized account that I can get what I want, be able to reach even the most big of my goals that I always saw her as very unattainable, and is that I perform because I change my way of seeing things, change the perspective and although cost me recognize, I was not doing things well, he always complained to me because it could not meet my goals and my dreams but I never stopped to think that all this was very nearby, I only had to work smartly to achieve it. I knew that all I wanted was very difficult to achieve with my poorly paid work and my complaints that I’m not what I always prepare to be, I am not in the place where I always wanted to be and that kind of schemes which one becomes when he takes stock of his life, and I knew that I wasn’t willing to wait one day more to reach these goals that I have and that desire with everything my heart. So I sat down at my desk to draw an action plan consisting of three critical moments that I had to spend to achieve my dream. First time: Define what my dream this is a very important step because it is necessary to know specifically that this is what we want to achieve, and if it is graphically is much better, since I can so imagine it and helps me to not stop working until it, eg: A holiday dreamed on an island in French Polynesia a House with all amenities designed to my taste or anything else that we want to achieve and is very important to visualize that goal, it is very important to see in that saddle resting, feeling the wind, listening to the waves break and not think on how I’m going to pay this, but that you deserve it because you did the right thing at the right time.