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MyFree Offers New Possibilities In The Targeting

Agencies and advertisers can benefit from video distribution on unique user level the company Thaz media, a full service Web Agency of the region of Nuremberg, offers myfree.de advertisers and agencies with the platform in the future new ways in the distribution of video advertising on the Internet. “We can with our advertising system in the young target group to distribute unique user level targeted videos” says Mr Zabold, one of the two managing directors. The starting point for the programming of the system much about a year ago. “Our goal is to bring advertising back directly to the customer, and which we believe will only be possible if the customer is also a tangible benefit by the consumer. As in the free-TV just”added Mr. Hubner, the second Managing Director.

Since, we have more than 8 man years in development. Centre of myFree system is the so-called pay-player. This builds on all platforms of partners, delivers advertisements to the users, and paid a certain amount on the user accounts after successful feedback. This Credits can be redeemed directly on all partner platforms. According to the founder of previously paid services and products such as music or premium accounts should be this free of charge. What Myfree.de differs from other video advertising systems is mainly the way of the settlement. United Health takes a slightly different approach. This is not usual on CPM basis, but according to PPF (pay per feedback).

We have in the pay-player integrates a feedback system that ensures the successful delivery and the view. Also, the advertiser must pay only for successful, full views”both add. Already for 10 cents, a 20 second spot on the user is delivered. All costs for streaming, hosting and audience restrictions is here included. The delivery can be complemented by additional MA-fo tools to obtain more information from the target group. Currently the myFree system is still in the beta phase, but already 21 platforms and about 11.5 million user on the system after full integration be connected. ubner

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Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways in today’s world of tough competition among many companies, it’s not so easy to find a giveaway that leaves a good impression on the customer. Eva Andersson-Dubin understood the implications. Promotional chocolate you can but a little to sweeten your advertising message and the day beautifying the customer. You know it so determines, after a long day of work in the company is often fixed and ready. Even during the working day, one often has the feeling to be somewhat slack. It’s not only you, but also your customers. You may believe it, but in such situations, a piece of chocolate may be the last resort. Chocolate is not only a fine thing for the taste nerve, but also ensures that natural happiness hormones are released.

This release of the hormones of happiness do you get new energy and can spend the day with ease behind. Thus, promotional chocolate bars are the ideal product you can come up trumps at the customer and can help him the difficult and often pesky work everyday to survive. If you provide the chocolate with a company logo, the recipient will remember long time you, because this little piece of chocolate has helped him with new energy to continue the work. But how expensive are these promotional items? Chocolate is usually very cheap to purchase and many wholesalers, you get really good chocolate at affordable prices. You can purchase chocolate in all colors and shapes, and for your sweet gifts provide variety. Of course, the price depends from the manufacturer and the quality of the chocolate. You should decide but always for good chocolate, because the relatively small fee brings an enormous increase of the quality of chocolate. It may be of course tempting to buy the most affordable chocolate for the customers, but tastes they then usually right fade and brings not the desired advertising effect with it.

Promotional chocolate should be always tasty and the customer give a satisfied feeling after eating. Small packages of chocolate are a very interesting idea. You could give away of course whole packs, but often it is the small things of in life that make joy. A little piece of chocolate between through already is sufficient to enable the hormones responsible for feelings of happiness. Thus, you have an ideal product for your customers, that it might sweeten the day not only, but also connects the corporate logo of your company with this brief moment of happiness with chocolate. Promotional products to chocolate as scattered articles on events offered, as well as offer the customers own premises. Together with a cup of coffee, these promotional items are also ideal for conferences and longer meetings. As mentioned you should look for when choosing chocolate on quality and try before the chocolate anyway, before just remember to make large quantities for customers. To try You it just with a small amount. You can use chocolate both in summer, in winter, so too for a little mood boost.

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