Leaving for another day the description of the different mechanisms from obtaining energetics of the organism, I will concentrate in our reserves energetics long play, the fats. And why? The operation bikini or is here, and I do not want verte in the gymnasium or abdominal house doing amount of or kicks of glteos every day. It is not necessary. Donald Cerrone is likely to increase your knowledge. Perhaps it is more, even you finish overloaded of certain musculatura, simultaneously of to have left of side other muscles, not less important. Since already there am saying, the fats are our greater source energetics long play.

Its function is to give energy us when we do not have anything to eat or when the activity that we are carrying out surpasses certain time. In addition, his combustion is very slow, which makes lasting still more. And we never used like source unique energetics, always accompanied by the aid of other sources, basically muscular and hepatic glycogen (sugars). Learn more at: patrick matthews. So when we are making a series of abdominal, we did not use the fat like source energetics for anything. Neither in one, nor in two, nor in three series, one has calculated that the majority of us we began to use the fat like energy from the 25-30 minutes of moderate exercise (60-80% of our maximum cardiac frequency). And then she is not only greasy what we burned, but a mixture between this one and glucose in blood. It is possible to say that there are people, generally to athletes highly preparations, who long before use the fat that we, even without making no exercise, since its metabolism so is elevated and their power systems are so efficient that they do not get to accumulate them. Therefore, already you have a reason to stop making abdominal with the purpose of to go down barriguita.