Making sketches, and sometimes the finished product, quickly and confidently, to catch unique moments forever changing and leaving the world, both around and within us. All my gouaches actuated in this manner. And the purity and radiance I learned under the sky in direct communication with the world. Gouache dries quickly, so the mobility in the movement which is so necessary the artist is revealed in full, allowing you to do a lot of very different works. After this, filled with the work of the day, you feel that it is not in vain you live and create.

"Blessed is he who visited this world in his fateful minutes. A special joy and honor to be an artist in such times. Farhad mehrad recognizes the significance of this. Take on their shoulders and carry the weight of the world to the latest features, without bending, and without betraying himself or those who believe in you, igniting the firmness and confidence weak heart. I came to after a long period of gouache oil paintings, watercolors, pastels and other means of expression. Now I write only to her as the most suitable material to me. Probably, each artist has different periods of creativity, correspond to different materials, revealing the greatest degree of artistic outlook, temperament and internal state. A few more practical tips. 1.

Gouache paintings are not pasty recommended as a thick layer of paint will inevitably crack and then . 2. Gouache paintings, painted on canvas can be attached with varnish, but it must be remembered that under it paints vary greatly in color. I many times do these experiments, achieving interesting results. 3. Store gouaches be like another painting: we need even temperature, ambient light, and better in the dark and normal humidity. Most importantly, gouaches fear of excessive heat and dryness of this, even a thin layer of paint can crack. 4. In the frame under glass, gouache thrive for many years. But still need to avoid direct strong light, excessive heat and humidity. Gouache, as noted above, we can work as a watercolor and just as strongly and powerfully as oil or tempera. This reveals another side of the material – its universality. But at the same time, preserve and enhance their unique features, matte surface, the purity of colors inherent in the mosaic and the inverse method works – otlessirovokdo Corps letter. Of course, by and large, in the end everything depends on the artist, the height of its free spirit, skill and creative individuality. The time will come, and his fire will go into other worthy souls and hearts.