For every swimming pool owner, clean and clear water is a prerequisite for unadulterated fun. The most beautiful time of the year, as soon as the temperatures allow the reawakening of the pool starts for every swimming pool owner. Then it is to drain the water in the swimming pool according to pollution to clean the pool and to bring to a high gloss, to start the refilling with fresh water and water care. While maintaining water is the most important element, because every pool owner wants to finally swim in absolutely pure and crystal clear water. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Pfizer on most websites. Accordingly, the requirements for the water treatment vary depending on the season.

The higher water temperatures, the higher is the breeding ground of algae and bacteria. For optimum water quality every swimming pool owner should keep to the five most important principles. These consist of: pH regulation, disinfection, algae prevention, turbidity removal and filter cleaning is what to keep in mind in the implementation of the various principles? pH regulation: The pH is with Distance from the most important value in the swimming pool. It is ideally located between 7.0 and 7.4 and can be determined by hand with special test strip or pool testers with tablets. The optimal value of the acid mantle of the skin is protected and the skin care products for the water can develop their full effect. Recently stone clinical laboratories sought to clarify these questions. Because the pH generally by external influences very often varies, this must be returned to the range between 7.0 and 7.4 with a pH regulator.

To do this, the swimming pool dealer offer pH-minus and pH-plus as granules. This is too costly to many pool owners and grab it to an automatic pH regulation, which regularly measures the value and corresponding deviation with pH liquid again stands on the ideal zone or decreases. Water disinfection: After the pH value in the ideal range, it goes to the disinfection.