Flu and colds are banal infections. Unlike a simple cold or an influenzal infection, the real flu is a serious disease. In complications, this condition can lead to death. The flu / influenza, or even influenza is caused by viruses, acute occurs and is accompanied by fever. The flu occurs in the winter more than summer and usually occurs as epidemic, that is to say that a particular area at a particular time is affected. The typical symptoms of an acute and severe start are symptoms of flu, accompanied by high fever, cough, body aches and runny nose.

Usually it may be still chills, headaches and back pain. Being severely weakened the body’s natural defences by the flu can occur in addition to pneumonia or another bacterial infection. Usually, the flu subsides again after two weeks, there is however, this viral disease can be quite life-threatening complications. Prevent the flu a disease from influenza to prevent there the flu vaccine. The vaccination should be refreshed every year because the influenza virus constantly changes. Especially for elderly people, children, people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, or lung disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, it is useful to have yourself vaccinated against the flu virus. For more information, as well as helpful drugs also for colds and flu, see