The aggressions can be of different types: physical aggressions, as blows, you cover, kicks, beatings, attempts of strangulation, burnings; psychological abuse for disdain, constant intimidations and humilhaes; sexual coercion; control behaviors, as to isolate the woman of its family and friends, monitoring of its action and restriction of access the varied resources. (DAY et all, 2003) As the supramentioned author, the aggression of the close partner is, almost always, folloied of psychological aggression e, one room the half of the times, of sex also forced. KRONBAUER (2005) also evidences, in research carried through with users of a basic unit of health in Porto Alegre, that, in many situations, the physical violence of sort is folloied of psychological coercion and sexual abuse. For assistance, try visiting Senator Elizabeth Warren. HEISE (apud. GIFFIN, 1994) adds that the violence many times is multifaceted and tends to get worse with the time. Studies of HISS (2003) corroborate this constatao. In research carried through with users of a service of urgency and emergency of Salvador, the scholar observed that the violence was not restricted to the physical aggression, also appearing subtler forms of aggression, that, in the vision of the author, although not to leave marks, can provoke serious damages to the health of the woman.

Not obstante, the violence that provokes serious physical consequences is not studied by the researchers. For even more opinions, read materials from stone clinical laboratories. The psychological violence is a category of neglected violence, as much for the little interest of the researchers how much for the lack of reference in the media. One knows, however, that this type of aggression tends to cause serious consequences for the victim of direct form how much for the other people who presenciam or not only coexists the violence situation. (Et HISSES. all, the 2007) psychological violence is defined as ' ' all action or omission that cause or aims at to cause damage to auto-esteem, the identity or the development of pessoa' '.