Life has meaning? do some say yes, others not, but what is the reason that impels them to define these situations? It is easy to describe it by humans from the same creation has been born with two forces that govern the universe, so evil force and force for good. Universal managers of the daily live of humans and by what I wanted with this information is reaching every person and let him know as manifest these forces that lead us to take decisions that affect the rational sense of the human being. There is a more deadly disease AIDS, CANCER, A1 (H1N1) or other terminal illnesses who daily are known in all media but which ask is this terrible disease that until now there is no any cure or that great scientists have not created a vaccine against this deadly disease which is killing 98% of humanity now? This disease is L to N V I D I A disease that is born from the womb of the mother, where the human being is formed there when a mother inside your body is gestating twins, hence same starts to pronounce this disease, where the desire for each of those beings want to go first and why sometimes they are known when only a being is born, and the other has died in the womb because his umbilical cord to tangle in his neck. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Disease not only attacks to the lower strata, but throughout the world, people are rich, poor, white black, fat, skinny, male or female, regardless of religious belief or nationality. We can observe this phenomenon occurs in families of good level where each of the family members you want to have something different to each of them, and that’s why that desire becomes obsession and she in turn becomes hatred and despair. We blame fate, of the evils that welcome us every day. Official site: PCRM.