The sectors, units, and the processes interact are interdependent with comprometimento of the direction with focus in the customer, sistmica boarding of the management. With differences between the two instruments of evaluation, ISO9001: (2008) all its requirements of norms are generic, term product has the meaning of services, and these requirements are applied to all productive organizations including the lenders of services, leading in consideraes, types, size, supplied product. However and total demanding when if it speaks in exclusion reasons, limiting themselves, justifying to the contained requirements, it is the applicable processes prescribed with structure in the form of process boarding and development implementing with improvement of the effectiveness. Now the ONA its instruments of evaluation is specific in the work with concept of the sistmica logic, applying all obligatorily joint, structuralized in sections and hospital subs-section to the sectors and services. Ann Arbor has much to offer in this field. (4) In such a way it was objectified to evaluate the knowledge of the pupils of graduation of nursing as professional of nursing of the average level, in relation to the process of the certification, according to National Organization of Acreditao (ONA), the institution of health where it acts or acted during the process. Materials and methods Are about a field study of the descriptive type exploratrio, carried through in the period of 24 and 26 of May of 2011, carried through in the college of Nursing of the University Braz Cubas, located in the city of Mogi of Crosses, So Paulo. It was preceded of the approval of the Committee of Ethics in Research of the University Braz Cubas under the number: 010/11 and of the attainment of the signature of the Term of Assent Free and Clarified by the participants of the study. 41 pupils of the course of graduation in nursing of the seventh and eighth semesters of the matutino and nocturnal period had been enclosed in the study, that acts or acted as assistant or technician of nursing in institution passing for the process of the acreditao or believed by the ONA its diverse levels.