Agencies and advertisers can benefit from video distribution on unique user level the company Thaz media, a full service Web Agency of the region of Nuremberg, offers advertisers and agencies with the platform in the future new ways in the distribution of video advertising on the Internet. “We can with our advertising system in the young target group to distribute unique user level targeted videos” says Mr Zabold, one of the two managing directors. The starting point for the programming of the system much about a year ago. “Our goal is to bring advertising back directly to the customer, and which we believe will only be possible if the customer is also a tangible benefit by the consumer. As in the free-TV just”added Mr. Hubner, the second Managing Director.

Since, we have more than 8 man years in development. Centre of myFree system is the so-called pay-player. This builds on all platforms of partners, delivers advertisements to the users, and paid a certain amount on the user accounts after successful feedback. This Credits can be redeemed directly on all partner platforms. According to the founder of previously paid services and products such as music or premium accounts should be this free of charge. What differs from other video advertising systems is mainly the way of the settlement. United Health takes a slightly different approach. This is not usual on CPM basis, but according to PPF (pay per feedback).

We have in the pay-player integrates a feedback system that ensures the successful delivery and the view. Also, the advertiser must pay only for successful, full views”both add. Already for 10 cents, a 20 second spot on the user is delivered. All costs for streaming, hosting and audience restrictions is here included. The delivery can be complemented by additional MA-fo tools to obtain more information from the target group. Currently the myFree system is still in the beta phase, but already 21 platforms and about 11.5 million user on the system after full integration be connected. ubner