The electronic delivery and consulting Terminal visavia enables consultation and delivery of medications without the risk of infection at the latest since raising the alert level to the second highest level 5 for the swine flu”is the fear of a pandemic in Europe tangible. Already with only a few infections in Germany the demand has grown rapidly after influenza vaccination resources and facemasks in German pharmacies. Learn more at: stone clinical laboratories. In Mexico, where the disease is so far the most prevalent, it is particularly vulnerable to just the professional group of pharmacists through the permanent contact with infected people. Christopher ridgeway shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A Mouthguard can protect often insufficiently against infection. The dispensing of drugs on the consulting and delivery terminal remedy could visavia offer here. Pharmacists and customer does not come into direct contact and a transmission of the disease by droplet infection from person to person is therefore excluded.

The consulting and tax Terminal visavia supplying the population with the can in the event of a pandemic necessary medications be ensured, without being a contagion on the losing people, and thus the spread of infection to other parts of the population. Still an advice face to face would be”possible via webcam, so that the pharmacist could give the necessary instructions to the drugs the diseased persons. Of course, it is not to hope that such a scenario ever becomes a reality. Pharmacies with visavia system are in any case already prepared for the case!