The GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG the coveted Gaston gives the Gaston for the country winner 2009 Berlin/Brandenburg to went on October 9, 2009, for the Berlin-Brandenburg in the Sai country winner. An Oriental water pipes Cafe with ur a cosy cocktail bar, as the organizer of the GASTRO-AWARD BBs. Here, the guests at a Hookah, in a cosy setting for a couple of hours in the Orient are kidnapped. The golden boy is awarded for 10 years now. And not only the concept of the organizer has changed, also the Gaston was overhauled. While Christine Braun, CEO of GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG, worked, that it is more than a concept of the award, the golden boy in the fitness was sent Studio. He built up muscles and the organizers evolved into a marketing partner and supporter of the entire German gastronomy and hotel sector.

And the now nationwide. The members are accompanied during their daily business all year round. With innovative actions, the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG promotes not only the Communication between the caterer and guest, they back the gastro Morgan into the public eye. Strong support she gets here by their patrons, sponsors and endorsers. The ruling Mayor Mr Klaus Wowereit, for example, has the patronage of Berlin over taken award 2010. Not only a positive signal for the industry and the competition, but the deserved recognition. The Pats on the back”, which shows the holdings: way to go! Not the location and size of a restaurant or hotels are crucial, here are the basic pillars of gastronomy: commitment, service and quality. Who does that? Guests can enjoy probably the harshest critics wishing you”!