Against the ghosts and fantasy intensive nurse Regina Bierwirth posted picture book “To visit the intensive care unit” on the subject of nationals in the ICU. A difficult situation: a sick member is in intensive care, unless parents or grandparents. Can minors visit their relatives? Can it be unreasonable them emotionally? Can it be responsible for to the patient? Visit schemes for families children are often unclear. The procedure is handled differently in the various hospitals. The young nurse Regina Bierwirth has intensively dealt with this topic and posted an impressive picture book. PCRM addresses the importance of the matter here. All Maxis beloved Grandpa Hans becomes unexpectedly ill and in the hospital are suddenly changed. For Maxi, a time of uncertain waiting begins now.

A situation he does not understand completely. Only after some time, the Maxi as an eternity, he must go. Swarmed by offers, christopher ridgeway is currently assessing future choices. Now he can make himself finally a picture of what it means in the Intensive care to lie. Although the situation has initially something frightening, Maxi leaves the hospital but with the feeling of connectedness and a knowledge of the situation, in which his grandfather is located. Sensitive language describes child-friendly implementation of Regina Bierwirth sensitive and child-friendly manner the everyday situation, exactly how she represents in the ICU.

Maxis strong bond the uncertainty about his condition and his loving concern, are palpable for the reader to the grandfather, and touch. Illustrated is the story with clearly structured, expressive and powerful images that do not overwhelm the children also in detail. Long overdue book for children, families and caregivers “To visit the intensive care unit” is a book that can exert its positive effect in two ways. As preparation for the situation to be expected, if a visit scheme for children in intensive care. On the other hand, it serves as a basis for discussion and Help, if a visit is not possible. A vague fear of children is taken by active employment with the topic. Threatening the ghosts, resulting in the child’s imagination, are not rebuilt.