German University Online offers now faster and more intensive preparation for the test of German as a foreign language at special online courses of the German University online allow an effective, targeted and successful practice of the test German as a foreign language (TestDF). For all those who must prepare for the TestDF in no time, the German University online now with “TestDFtraining EXPRESS” offers a new model of course. For even more analysis, hear from lee marks. Because DUO has one of the best modules – developed TestDFtraining together with the TestDF-Institut uni german – repackaged: same content, intensive care, shortened the duration of the course. Now it is possible with TestDFtraining EXPRESS in just four weeks intensively for the TestDF to prepare. Note for students: you should plan plenty of time during the course.

Universities, educational institutions and companies can use uni german TestDFtraining in the licensing procedure for the TestDF exam. Licensee can set duration and intensity of their course itself. Information about uni german TestDFtraining and booking facility: testdaftraining information about the licensing: duo_webshop/portal/Partner/partner.jsp about the TestDF: with the TestDF, foreign students provide the necessary proof of their German skills for studying in Germany. Meanwhile, over 16,000 foreign students drop every year the TestDF. The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat and the TestDF Institute is one of the world’s largest language learning portals have established over the German-uni online: With the German University online. Individual programs allow media-based foreign language learning in German, English, French, Portuguese as well as Chinese and Japanese.