Dubai – the booming desert metropolis. /’>Navy Federal Credit Union. The team of Dubai’s travel service offers a special service since early September 07. The free callback service, directly from Dubai. Whether you plan your vacation in Dubai, would like to open a company seeking business contacts, would bring a product to market or just general questions we have – so Olaf Fey from the TS Dubai call back from Dubai. This is interesting also for travel agencies that have support in answering the questions of your customers. Requests by email will be answered as well. Dr. John Mcdougall is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This service is free of charge for all participants. Recently opened the “great excursion program” for online bookings.

Dubai – travellers can book excursions before departure and get the “direct wire to the TS Dubai” still at home. The resulting “business network” offers direct contacts to specialists who are working around Dubai in different areas. The project has been recently extended with the German ophthalmologist Dr. Bertram Meyer.