The result was the well-known growth of the production of electric engines and other models that poluem less. Brazil, of course, has given its part of contribution. The automotivo sector, for example, comes producing motor, to each day, less pollutant. A penalty that nor all destined to our market. By the way, this week was published a notice of that motor diesel cleaner cannot be used in the country and is exported to the Mexico and Coreia of the south (G1, MUL1410244-9658,00.html). Continuing, the notice it discloses that of a line of production in So Paulo diesel leaves engines that 60% poluem less than the vendidos ones in> will be vendido first for the Coreia of the south. The question that is: why reason we do not stimulate the use of green motorization in our vehicles? Therefore it is known that much people have suffered to diseases and deceased with the increasing pollution from air who we breathe in our metropolises. After all of accounts, how much we are made use to pay to have health? Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and professor.. Contact information is here: farhad mohit.