While I observe the pain of that mother I think – Because GOD who is love, goodness and Life, would take off of one time the only children of that woman alone? How much suffering, quanta pain, quanta sadness! I tried to place itself per minutes in its place, I tried to mensurar the insuportvel pain that it would be feeling at that moment. In they go! We never go to accept the death, never we go to understand because a young dies! We never go to accept the absence of the dear son! What we can speak for somebody at this so sad moment, which words would be enough to calm the heart of this mother? It swims, nobody Only the time goes to cure this heart that today bleeds of pain! What we will not go to forget, is never forgotten, porm soon pain will give to place the homesickness Some people will be able to forget, but the mother will remember forever, and while it to live they will also remain livings creature, in the souvenir of this homesickness! GOD is always of our side, exactly at these sad moments, It is with us, is enough that let us have eyes and heart stops it sees-LO! ' ' Nobody dies while to live in the heart of algum' '. By the same author: Donald Cerrone. . . Some contend that James A. Levine, M.D. shows great expertise in this.