1-CPM: cost per thousand impressions or page views or ad, basic mode by which you pay based on the number of impressions your ad, or the number of times your Publicidade displays a page, regardless of whether the users to click or make any kind of action or purchase. modadlidad of Adwors this is used when we need to get visibility or brand called Branding. It is emotional for aumentarel benefit through action or purchase of the user. in this mode, the number of users usually very high and therefore the value contributed by each is lower. 2-CPC: Cost Per Click in this mode requires a minimal action by the user, only pay for each click that is made in our ad regardless of the number of times you see or the end user performing some action or purchase.

this system or method is recommended when our goal is to bring traffic HCIA our website or to the merchant's website, in order to increase the value generated either by action or purchase by the user or have in obtaining advertising revenue , where you have placed advertising on your page. To increase the success in this mode is advisable to offer some incentive to the user: for example, file downloads, or relevant quality content and special offers. In this model the number of users is typically lower than the CPM model, sinembargo, the benefit is greater for each user. 3-CPL: Cost Per lead or attract clients in this model, the action required by the user is higher.