Thus, the colors of the bride pretend also what notes make invitations, the cake, table decoration, and much more. Another important condition for a successful and above all personal fest is the style of the wedding. The style that will influence the entire wedding arises from physique, character, size, personality and own preferences. For the wedding outfit, the style dictates the kind of dress, accessories, make-up and the hairstyle. The dress must simply fit 100% to the winner, to be stylish! If cut, color, fabric and style of dress is not really with the wearer blend, the best impression is destroyed.

And already a unfavorable snippet which does not fit to the shape of the face, can cause that.”says wedding coach Anneli Eick style. For this reason, the bride has the unique opportunity to tailor the dress spot on the body. And that according to all of the good style: figure, face shape and style type. Also the man at her side is not forgotten here: he following an advice of of type of on his search for the right suit professionally supported, is to ensure that the good piece to the still secret dress fits. It is important that the Hochzeitsstylistin also the second envelope, the skin. Because you can look only in a healthy skin radiantly beautiful, Anneli Eick also offers a holistic cosmetic and health advice in her consulting Studio. Most people do not know what takes your skin to be healthy.

Therefore, a detailed determination of skin image is an absolute must before you buy care. Just as it is with the revenue of vitamins and minerals they need to be tailored to the needs of the body. Me anything over the counter that is not optimally adapted to the customer all!” Therefore, also the intensive and personal care throughout the year across belongs to the service. When the couple about desires beyond assistance in the design of the Festival, which is to be absorbed in the consultation package. You can find the special service at stylist Anneli Eick also in hair and makeup: she’s coming on the wedding day to the bride home to save her additional stress. Conclusion: An exceptional advice, no Wish and needs leaves.