Recently, it was discovered that there is a strong connection between a poor breakfast and many health-related situations. How is it in your breakfast? You lack energy, pleasure and good mood? Need your coffee, to get momentum? After lunch you feel more tired? Are unfocused and sometimes stressed in the afternoon? You have no desire to take more action in the evening? And sometimes bad and restless sleep? Can you imagine that all this begins with your start in the day? Are you looking for solutions for your problems? Don’t wait, check free of charge on the Internet. A wrong breakfast, we are controlled by our Pancreas (pancreatic cancer) so to speak throughout the day. It is responsible for the insulin production. If you start your day with the wrong breakfast so, entering a vicious cycle of no way out! This explains also the diet during the rest day! To regenerate the body and to build, you need the energy on and at night during the day the nutrients. By the way the body uses approximately 1 liter of water at night through breathing, sweating and the morning course on the toilet. The body wakes up so empty and the 100 trillion cells require again nutrients, energy and water. Everything that was consumed in the last 24 hours.

So, you start at zero in the day. Continue to learn more with: PCRM. Maybe feel hungry or thirsty, but this is only a matter of time! Carbohydrate Empire breakfast simple carbohydrates in the morning (Zuckerhaltige breakfast flakes, kiosks, white bread, toast, ect.) cause an acute rise in blood sugar and much insulin is secreted. Insulin takes the sugar rapidly from the blood and converts the excess into fat! The result: a too low blood sugar and a great desire for more carbohydrates. This cycle is repeated 2 to 3 times per day! This cycle is one of the main causes of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. No breakfast no breakfast falls below the normal level of blood sugar levels, you get cravings and has no energy for everyday life. Taking back to simple carbohydrates quickly to combat hunger and maintain energy. This caused an acute increase in blood glucose levels and a significant insulin secretion! Insulin takes the sugar from the blood, and the excess is converted into fat.

The cycle is repeated 2-3 times per day! This vicious circle is one of the main causes of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. The perfect breakfast this breakfast provides the body with all vital nutrients and energy, without increasing blood sugar levels or insulin. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Senator Elizabeth Warren. Thus, to avoid dependence on carbohydrates throughout the day. Thus, to control his appetite, reduces cravings for carbohydrates (snacks, chocolate, cakes, Fast Food, Soft Drinks, etc.) and the body consumes its own fat reserves for more energy. Make own experience or our free test on the Internet page.