Month: March 2020

David Wilkerson

If someone offers us a rose and immediately begins with a speech calling for a donation, it is natural to believe a defense mechanism against any such situation in the future. From that moment, every time that they offer a flower, we will feel suspicion, Buscaglia us adds, and probably you share it, you lovers who trust and feel vulnerable in a relationship, suddenly can find out that you have deceived them. It has happened to you?, how has reacted to it?. In a question-answer forum Senator Elizabeth Warren was the first to reply. Once replacement parts, and when love presented them again, it is understandable that skeptics in a few healthy cynics, i.e. show are less open, less confident, less vulnerable, in a nutshell, less able to establish healthy relationships in the future.

Possibly all that has befallen him for not being attentive, awake, by not assessed its great potential or not knowing how to impregnate the vibrations that love provides to optimize relationships. To identify with the service line of love should not be forgotten, that the love we can give is conditioned by the love we experience. But there is hope. Love learns to love. As shown in David Wilkerson: love is not only something that is He feels, it is something that is done. In a world where there is an obvious need for love, it would be good to realize the enormous power we have to help and comfort to people with only a hand, give a warm hug, say the right words or pay attention to the person, know what to listen to, share. James Lynch, also reminds us that the commandment that says love your neighbor as yourself, is not a simple moral commandment, is a psychological commandment. The affection is biological.

To feel affection for others, we will not feel alone. Learn more at: Viatris. And when we are more connected with life, healthier we will be. Buscaglia gives us also, that when we feel compassion, our expectations more realistic, less demanding, more flexible they become. With the love that emanates from us we have no desire to injure, damage the feelings or reprimand. We understand the fragility and human changes. In a nutshell, we allow that others are already acting as they really are, and feel, and we encourage them to learn more. There is no that neglecting our faith, because without it there can be no love. Love, like faith, requires trust without guarantees. Faith goes beyond reason and the obvious, and love is above all that. You have the potential to give that food that others need and require to fulfill its mission, provide, offer you love, not le has the difficult task, simply identify with your service line. Don’t forget to. Love has no chance if we question permanently or if you want to confirm it.

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The Peru

This diet of water down to five kilos in a month has been the feeling in many countries in Europe and from distant lands have made presence in the Peru. We are convinced that the the water diet will be a success for those who wish to perform in your project’s health and well-being. And as in any food, only regime enough to have patience and not break the amount of recommended foods a day. Don’t forget that the sacrifice of a few days is many times better that be dissatisfied with our bodies throughout life. PROGRAM day to day Monday breakfast.-a glass of skim milk (200 ml), 40 g of toasted bread and water. Noon-200 ml of unsweetened fruit juice. Lunch-rice salad (prepares with 60 g of rice, 100 g of tomatoes, 100 g of cucumber and 50 g of onion, then it is seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil, vinegar and salt), 80 g of meat to grill, an Apple and water.

Lunch-Infusion of Mint to the desired temperature. Dinner-150 g of fish fillet fried with a clove of garlic, one teaspoon of olive oil, vinegar, 100 g of chopped tomatoes and chopped parsley. Also 200 g of green salad, peaches 200 g, 50 g of whole wheat bread and water. At bedtime-Tuesday breakfast.-water and a fruit shake (200 g fruit, 200 ml of skim milk and 35 g of cereal). lunch-tea hot or cold.

Lunch-60 g of noodles prepared with a teaspoon of olive oil, tomato and oregano. 80 g of boiled chicken. 50 g green salad, seasoned with a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon. Water. Lunch-200 ml of sugar-free lemonade. Dinner-80 g of chicken meat seasoned with lemon, a teaspoon of olive oil and salt. 200 g of grated raw carrots. 200 g of prunes. 50 g of wholemeal bread. Water. when lying.-water. Wednesday breakfast.-200 ml of yogurt, 200 g of pineapple and water.

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