The important vitamins for the body that a vitamin-rich diet is a prerequisite for a healthy diet, know not only those who want to lose weight and lose weight. For more information see Goop. For quite some time you can simply order pharmacy or online pharmacy multivitamin preparations in an Internet pharmacy, shipping. But vitamin supplements are sufficient, and how big is the need for vitamins at all? This is a question hard to answer, because all people are different. Some are for example more thick, the others can eat whatever they want and stay slim. A maybe come out with relatively low amounts of vitamin C, the others need considerably greater amounts, to protect themselves from infection. For the needs of the individual vitamins, there are no standardized measurement, but values and experience.

To win them in the same way, how to determine the fuel consumption of a car. You look what top comes in and checks whether one does so, remain so healthy. Are indicative generally the recommended values of the German nutrition society specified. It is concerned not only about vitamins, but also about the supply of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat, and makes appropriate recommendations. But where did these values come from? The classic method is the following mass: first to determine the amount of vitamin that is recorded with an average diet in Germany.

On the result of a security surcharge will be added, and thus to determine the recommended vitamin intake for the day. This procedure gives no guarantee for the individual, actually to have taken enough vitamins, of course because it is, as I said, to average values. Slightly better to cover the whole thing, it involves today of course newer scientific results. Such as when you know when deficiency States occur or what level of vitamin intake is sufficient that to prevent such infectious diseases. That leaves hope soon more meaningful values to get. But you will never get more than an average value that individual differences aside. If it is said that a certain amount is recommended per day, that does not mean that in fact every day this quantity has to be achieved. One day, man very much vitamin C for example, and the closest that eats more vitamin A. Overall, only the daily average value should be achieved. The recommendations are also different from State to State. While in Germany a daily vitamin C intake of 75 mg is recommended, the United States believe it is only 60 mg daily necessary.