Vi in the days something that already made much time that did not feel a homesickness, homesickness of that already it was part of mine day-by-day, of my life, somebody that I felt that I needed pra to be alone mine! Somebody that deserved a special place in my life, in my heart. Our history seems fairy story thing. I, the king, it the queen, gave myself well super, have something so uncommon, incredible not to get passionate itself for it, my heart I felt myself glad, vigorous, radiating. The nights were most perfect possible, madrugas that I passed; sleep that I lost everything for it. That I passed with it they had each day been wonderful moments, our declarations already were so intensely how much the time who they occurred, however all hour! I tried to move away for a time, I had fear to become attached me, being that already he was. Source: stone clinical laboratories. I do not know for where it starts to count to all our history in words, as to express my feelings for the same one, not meeting words pra such thing.

I became involved myself in indescritveis sensations, things that words with certainty will not never go to describe. I was a personage in this history, this that an impossible love still counts (I have reasons pra I move away to me from this person made that me happy, very happy, but still I have hope that everything goes to come back to its normal one that I and it at last go to be happy as we always dream). As all story of fairies always has somebody pra to confuse the couple. In this history it has something different, in this in case that she is not a person, or somebody, is it, distance. They can call as to want, pra me is the witch.