Noble parts of the Hungarian wool pig extends his range until a few years ago the Mangalitsa was, the online counter for fresh steaks, pork virtually extinct. But thanks to the passion of some breeders, this almost forgotten Hungarian breed is on the rise again. Fortunately, because his precious meat is a delicacy and highly regarded by gourmets., the large online counter for fresh premium steaks, therefore immediately fine pieces of unusual mangalica pig offers. Unusual look, taste aromatic pork is mangalica in Hungary as a State treasure.

This rare breed of pig has a delicate taste of meat, you would not expect in pork? It already the appearance of pigs is unusual: with their thick wool fur to recognize the mangalica pigs even from afar. And already the piglets of the Mangalicas attest his special position the Hungarian wool pig: Strip, come to the world, as well as the piglets of wild boar. The old Hungarian breed of mangalica Pigs living freely on large farms with huge meadows. There, the Mangalitsa pigs eat grasses, herbs, and especially sunflower, which provide for the aromatic flavor of the meat. Pronounced marbling as at best beef, the complete freedom of movement with the special diet also ensures a pronounced marbling of the meat, which makes it tender and juicy. This grease is not to compare with normal fat. It contains multiple polyunsaturated fatty acids and is extremely arid. Therefore, fries it up in the preparation, is crispy and gives flavour to the meat.

Strict controls on meat the quality of mangalica pig is characterized not only by the special race, and diet. Since the Mangalitsa pig as Treasury is seen, it is subject to strict government controls. So, the pigs get only selected feed without growth hormones or antibiotics. And also the multiplication works exactly like hundreds of years ago like it mother nature has provided. provides the finest pieces of the Mangalicas noble parts at so that lovers also in Germany and the surrounding countries of euro can taste this specialty, in their range. Whether tender fillet, lean back, juicy neck, or unusual Frenched Racks, that meat is delicious mangalica always fresh and not frozen to the dispatched customer. Sent via for more than 5 years – the large online counter for fresh premium steaks – meat quality of exceptional breeds such as American beef, bison or Wagyu now 25,000 customers. The steaks are freshly cut by hand and in a special insulating box within 24 hours to the door of the customer with 100% satisfaction guarantee. The press pictures of the message you can download at the following link: download/ contact: GOURMETFLEISCH.DE Marco Wurzler Marie-Bernays-ring 40 41199 Monchengladbach PHONE: 0 21 66 / 96 86-12 fax:-19 email: HOMEPAGE: