In 1971, Dr. Samuel Hurst was invented by an electronic touch-screen interface. After this, the active development of sensor technologies throughout the world. In 1983 came perhaps the very first very first touch-screen monitor, used for commercial purposes. Of course, he was not very sensitive to touch, but Nine Inch Sony crt, covered with infrared transmitters and receivers could locate on any monitor, no transparent object. Touch screen – this is a monitor that is sensitive to touch, allowing people to work with your computer using touch to pictures and words. Touch monitors are typically used to information panels, a computerized training devices and people who are deprived of opportunities to use the mouse and keyboard. Sensor technology can also be used in other applications where it can require a mouse, for example, Web-browsers.

Some applications are designed specifically for touch technology, in which the most commonly used large images (icons), rather than a standard pc applications. Monitors, supporting the function of embedded sensors, can also be equipped with touch controls. Touch monitors are often used in heavy industry and beyond, such as museums, automated facilities, where work with the mouse would be inconvenient or impossible. Russia now has touch-sensitive monitors are used in large firms, which are continually working with a large flow of customers. Such a monitor used by the largest banks in Russia.

Being actively spread of touch-screen kiosks in areas of large stores and supermarkets. More information on the applications of sensor technology can be found at the site of one of the largest companies engaged in Touchgames production of sensory equipment. How does it work touchscreen? In a typical touch screen consists of three components: sensors, controller and driver support. Touch screen – this is an input device, so it must be connected to a monitor and a pc or similar device to complete the entry system. Sensor – a panel of clear glass, which reacts to the touch. Sensor or the touch pad is placed on top of the screen so that reactive surface of the reviewed covers the entire side of the screen. The controller – a small price to pay, which connects touch-screen monitor with a pc. It takes the information from the touch screen and transforms it into a suitable pc information. A driver – the software for your pc that allows you to touch the monitor and pc work together. He tells the operating system how to react to information about touch, received from the controller. Company Touchgames engaged in manufacturing, sales and service components for sensory equipment. The company products are high quality and low wholesale prices. The company provides shipping to anywhere in Russia. Company managers are always ready to advise on all questions. site contains all the necessary information on products sold by the company. TouchGames firm produces a unique corporate newsletter, which publish unique information collected from all sites of the world, on touch screen.