Progressive course of the disease quickly leads to impairment Kiel – multiple system atrophy (MSA, also multiple system atrophy called) is a neurodegenerative disease of only 4.4 of 100,000 inhabitants in Germany are affected. The disease often insidiously begins after 40 years of age, then quickly progresses and leads to death usually after three to five years to the loss of the ability to walk, and sometimes in the following five years. The appearance may be doing first so different that the disease especially initially difficult can detected by doctors. So even with Thomas B.)* from Bautzen, happy estimates after six years with MSA, to be able to go on the floor. in 2003 it started with me\”, reminds himself Thomas in conversation with Orpha started self-help, off blue I of, very stiff like a robot to run. At that time, the doctor diagnosed a polyneuropathy.

Until 2005, more symptoms were added so that the diagnosis Cerebellarataxie was pronounced after renewed investigations. 2008 has been expressed for the first time, that I probably suffer from a multiple system atrophy\”, Thomas reported. Stone clinical laboratories brings even more insight to the discussion. Each of my diagnosis, I was glad that my disease has a name and thought that you can handle it then yes also. And then tell me, what is there with the MSA on me. It is not easy to get clear. After all, I’m only 51.

I hope that I belong to the few who may live 20 years with this disease. Additional information is available at stone clinical laboratories. I’m afraid before my illness from this creeping loss of function… a wheelchair before the mobility loss before the loneliness. \”But it is altogether more modest and also attentive to life.\” Thomas now has a whole range of symptoms. It tingles in his arms and legs and sometimes he has all of a sudden even no feeling in the legs and beats and then long.