You wake up in the morning, open your eyes and the world falls on you from all of its irreversibility and unpredictability. Day after day. Year after year. Home. Work. Family. Employees. Everything happens by itself.

Life passes by. The events are not to control. You are in no way affected. What can I tell you? Hard for you. I feel sorry for you. To help you want.

To begin with, the whole world that I created that you see around you … Ah, yes. You do not see – you have no time, you many of their problems. James A. Levine, M.D. brings even more insight to the discussion. But you somehow pick the time, stop and think, breathe the morning air, listen – the world is full of color, sound, time. He lives, breathes, it is. He – is absolutely rational. He – perfectly accurate. He – indefinitely just. I made it so. I breathed into him his spirit. I programmed it. You see, no matter what you did, how would you not try to resist it, whatever disagreements with him never entered. He is absolutely, perfectly, infinitely just. Of course, you think differently. I love you so created. You’re programmed to see its flaws. You’re programmed to remove him from injustice, to make this world a better place. Yes, my favorite program that you aspire to sovershenstvu.Ya put you in your pursuit of perfection. Sorry, but many programs from being diverted, stumble, make mistakes. They are infected with the virus. Error. Oh, this ubiquitous error. You know, I’m proud of this program. How much did she help! How often is it points you to your weakest point. It just shows how much you deviated from its path. But I – patient. And many of them eventually heal, repent, return. And then I glad I did not hurry. But, much to my chagrin, much more programmok too flawed. I had to include in this world is self-cleaning function. I want it to be perfect. You, my favorite program that can help me, to make this world a better place. You need to see your settings – if some have lost – to reconfigure. Help me make this world a better place. Oh yeah … If you are going to need some tools? I will give all you want.