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Cork Flooring

Tube reduces noise when walking up to 40 dB. In addition, the tube has orthopedic effect. (Similarly see: Senator Elizabeth Warren). When walking, the elastic material relieves pressure on the spine and takes steps soft and springy. – The word "draft" will disappear from your vocabulary, because the floor, trimmed stopper, always warm. This is made possible thanks to the unique structure of the air tube. – Even the catwalk in high heels will not damage the cork surface. Cork absorbs pressure and after a while takes its original shape.

– Cork coverings keep your health. You ask how? Very simple. Being natural, they do not cause allergies, have no odor and does not attract pyla also have a large natural potential protective properties against harmful radiation. What's the best flooring or cork? While, in fact, in one price range, these floor coverings can create healthy competition with each other. And what a tube can to give a head start parquet. Tube warmer – if you stand barefoot on two of these coatings at once, you will feel the difference. Cork flooring is more stable with temperature and humidity, because of its microstructure.

Finally, tube more repairable. If the damage cover (and this also happens), in the case of flooring you have to make all the furniture, open sufficiently large area of flooring after installation pereshlifovyvat the room, varnishing the whole surface and bring back the furniture. And in the case of the tube is enough just to remove "bad tiles and glue a new one. How long do tube? Producers of this material usually offer a guarantee on cork flooring with vinyl covering – 20 years old, with lacquer – 10 years.

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Acrylic Stone

One of a safe and healthy way to finish the house. If your intention is to do repairs in your home, you will not be amiss to think about what materials are best used in its decoration. One of the safest and environmentally friendly materials, to date, is an artificial acrylic stone. Many people know him by name Corian (Corian), Montelli (Montelli) or Staron (Staron). This material is perfect for finishing a bathroom or kitchen, it can be used as wall panels or as material for the manufacture of countertops and sinks. Masters Company Acrilstone (AkrilStoun) professionally manufacture and install these products. Artificial acrylic stone perfectly suited for the manufacture of countertops and sinks because it is moisture and the liquid is not absorbed into the surface, preventing thus the formation of fungus, bacteria, mildew and odors, so the kitchen countertops will be always fresh and sterile. Homogeneity of the structure of acrylic stone is especially important when used in wet and corrosive environments with temperature difference, which is, for example, bathroom or swimming pool. Learn more at this site: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Another one of the uses of artificial stone – is to create window sills. The physical properties of this material under certain conditions, allow to move away from simple, familiar forms, and giving your imagination run wild, run articles on individual projects, giving them a unique look, is not found nobody else. Competently and efficiently perform such work in our Company use of artificial acrylic stone work designers and architects, also provides a number of advantages. For example, one of the undoubted advantages of acrylic stone – a wide range of colors. Here and never go out of fashion-friendly colors, and variations on a theme natural stone, and bold color compositions of contemporary design. The widest range of colors (more than 400 colors) allows you to combine it with different materials and create unique interior composition in any style, combining acrylic stone, if necessary, with other materials: wood, ceramic, stone and stainless steel. This allows you to pick up his dignity ideal tabletop or windowsill return to safety and environmental protection. Despite the beauty and quaintness of natural pattern, natural stones often, as the saying goes, "Radiation at, that is, their background radiation is sometimes higher than natural background radiation environment environment, and sometimes legal limit.

Live in a house with such a "beacon" is very dangerous, it can lead to serious diseases. Artificial acrylic stone is perfectly safe for your health. The manual says: "It resolved to use in contact with food, so lately its been increasingly used in medical health care and public catering (restaurants and cafes). Acrylic stone – a unique material for the interior of your home! Acrylic stone is recommended for use in medicine, public catering, in chemical manufacture. The exquisite beauty of this material along with its durability can use this stone in different styles and functions of the interiors.

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