These problems have returned to their previous levels, when the subliminal messages were arrested at the end of the study. On September 10, 1979, the magazine "Time", "revealed that fifty shops had installed in the United States and Canada a subliminal system to prevent theft in the spokes. Its inventor, Dr. Hal Becker, superimposed on the music played in stores subliminal messages suggesting not to fly: "I'm honest. Endocrinologist may help you with your research. If I fly, I'll be surprised and sent to prison.

"Nearly 50 stores in the United States and Canada have installed the device that reduces shoplifting and" borrowing "of rogue employees. A chain of stores Eastern and reduced flights by 37%, saving 600,000 dollars, over a trial in nine months. "Two years later, in December 1981 an article appeared in Science Digest:" It describes a new experiment by Hal Becker: The power of subliminal relaxant was tested in place of that anxiety is the waiting room of doctors. "Also in December 1981 in Science Digest:" A few years ago, the medical clinic Mc Donagh, in Gladstone, Missouri, has installed a device called "Processor subliminal." which plays soothing music, in which a message consciously imperceptible suggest not to worry about treatment they will receive. The message tends to calm anxious patients by influencing their subconscious. The clinic Mc Donagh installed the processor because some patients with anxiety vanished while waiting for their treatment (an unusual therapy for several hours and implements a solution of vitamins and minerals to clean fatty deposits in the bloodstream. .