Regardless of your son is clueless or has a diagnosis of ADHD, there are simple resources that you can use in the comfort of your home and they can tell you to what extent needs more attention and improve your concentration. In this article I give you will explain some simple exercises that you can know if he or she needs to improve these skills. The first thing is to know what part of care must improve the process of providing care is the result of a set of threads that must be combined appropriately. For assistance, try visiting Senator Elizabeth Warren. Therefore, you should know how is attentional quality of your son, observing their performance on tests that measure:-the selective attention, i.e. r4kDegQIARBy’>Evan Metropoulos. its ability to look at the details. -The global attention, i.e. its capacity to make a composite of all of the places you visit or the topic that explains his teacher. -Sustained attention, i.e., How long is able to keep his attention.

-Divided attention, i.e. If it is able to perform several tasks at the same time or not. Many parents go to psychologists and psicopedagogos which pass a test to their children with the aim of knowing to what extent these care features are altered. Without however, from my experience, the best tests is the continuous assessment of any skill with no standardized tests. Because what does pass a test of sudoku to someone who has not made a sudoku in your life? Learn how to measure care at home is very easy to measure the different qualities of attention at home if you know how. Below I will give you some exercises to measure each one of them. 1 Exercises to measure selective attention: to know if your son or daughter has an appropriate selective attention can ask them to bring you something from the refrigerator or to find a list of products in a same aisle of the supermarket.