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Fashion Sunglasses 2008

Spring sun getting brighter, and it’s time to put on sunglasses. What are the glasses in fashion this spring and summer? Sunglasses aviators, round, square, with colored glass or totally black in the style of the 50s or 70, the main criterion in the selection of fashionable glasses in spring of 2008 – vintage look. The shape of sunglasses to choose the type of person, and what style suits you, everyone knows himself. Yes, a round face – square sunglasses 2008. are perfect option for owners of a round face oval. The bright color of the rim will “break” roundness person. No – Sunglasses XXL, completely covering the cheeks will make your face even rounder.

Round rim glasses in combination with Round face – get the full moon. Square face Yes – aviators, cut round shape sunglasses – an ideal option. Big round glasses go well with heavy square poborodka line. No – square or rectangular sunglasses will make your face more angular. Avoid panoramic points, as this will make a square face visually even more. Yes a long face – big sunglasses just created for you! Sunglasses make a person less XXL and accurate.

The ideal form for owners of an elongated face – sunglasses with large panoramic windows. No – just a little Sunglasses lost in your face. Also, do not look very well rimless glasses. Face in the shape of a heart Yes – you are lucky, your oval faces look great, almost all forms of sunglasses. Particularly successful rimless glasses. No – sunglasses look too rough. Sunglasses with more detail further enhancing the widest part of the face. Owners of an oval face oval face sunglasses fit all, but still however, we must adhere to certain rules when choosing a new pair of: Frames of sunglasses should ideally fit into the format of your face: not to act beyond it and not be significantly narrower. The upper line of points must comply with the eyebrows. If you have a small face, try to avoid sun glasses with a thin rim glasses do not pick the tone-on-tone on your clothes. Sunglasses are an accessory to the principal sunny day to stay stylish, do not overload your look the other vivid detail.

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The Place

. But the anger is blind, or at least does not clearly distinguish the reality, so naked and embarrassed, became, on leaving, the first clothes he found. . . It happened that this was not his clothes, but of sadness. . . And dressed in sadness, the anger was gone.

Very calm, very calm, prepared as always to stay in the place where it is, the sadness finished his bath and without any trouble (or rather, unconscious of the passage of time) lazily and slowly left the pond. On the shore he found that his clothing was gone. As we all know, if there is something that sadness is not like being naked, so he got the only clothing that was near the pond, the clothes of fury. They say that since then, many times one finds the fury, blind, cruel, terrible and angry, but if we take the time to consider, we find that this anger we see is just a disguise, and that behind the guise of rage, really. . . Click James A. Levine, M.D. for additional related pages.

is hidden sadness. The allegory of carriage Someone wrote that October 1, a familiar voice on the phone tells me: "I went out there a gift for you. Excited, I go out to the sidewalk and I find the gift. It's just a beautiful carriage parked just outside the door of my house. It is polished walnut, has brass fittings and white ceramic lamps, all very fine, very elegant, very chic. I open the door of the cab and climb.

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