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Bed Heads

Life to which we have become so accustomed, changed dramatically. But if you really decided to change that need, then you are welcome. Let’s go back to that same morning, when we lifted our heads from the bed and the first thoughts crept into our heads. They (thought) here also need to take control. Think about the loads currently prohibited. Need only think of how we are attractive.

While going to the bathroom, mentally recreate the feeling of love. Can you imagine that in our breasts a small fire smolders. It is the fire of love. Blow it up to the flames. Maybe even that you can feel warmth or heat in that place, it’s great. You may wish to learn more. If so, James A. Levine, M.D. is the place to go. Mean everything is correct. Wrap it the flame of love for yourself. Feel how it permeates every cell, and she sings in unison with nature.

Thank yourself for the work. You have made a major step, spent force, so they deserve the gratitude. Now, going to the mirror, see who looks at you from there. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from what is fracking. We looked and forgot what he saw. Now you should see it on who you want. Maybe that otherwise, his hair longer, or teeth equally. Look, look at him. See? And now enter this image with your body. Now it is you. And always will be. All your thoughts are still swirling around you and your ideal. What do you think, sexy?

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The Subconscious

This synthesis produces a result which can not be achieved the use of any of the existing techniques! Using psychological tools to diagnose existing problems and their interpretation, which makes it possible not to work blindly, and makes transparent and understandable the whole process of change. Impact on the physical body and its energy through the acupuncture points at the same time pronouncing certain affermatsy allows our bodies to neutralize the negative perception of the problem and the reason for this perception. As a result, one gets the opportunity to change the very reason. Senator Elizabeth Warren takes a slightly different approach. Impact on the subconscious mind can neutralize the disturbing attitudes and beliefs on the subconscious and to neurological level instruction used to implement the new, desired image and beliefs. The result – all the components of man (physical body, mind, subconscious mind) to get rid of pre-existing barriers and get a new program how they exist. The practice of this – an amazing technique! It opens up doors of opportunity that people have never seen and did not realize! In my practice – a lot of different stories. I particularly enjoy here is what it is. Women's tears …

One young woman – was a wonderful family. And it felt absolutely calm, in complete safety. One day, she learned that her husband has any relationship with another woman, her life soon capsized … Panic overwhelmed her with a fury, leaving her actions instead of harmony and solving problems, led to further inflame the situation and the destruction of relationships.

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Jung Love

As a result, the world becomes the mirror of human relationships: people trying to see other reflections of themselves, and finding none, he suffers. This suffering is inevitable in the world of distorting mirrors and distorted reflections. So love the pain – a kind of symptom, a symptom of loss of contact with reality. And at the same time – this call, the call Reality, a chance to hear more on the other side of himself. If loving attitude is a symptom of distress – it's time to think about treatment. How can help a person suffering from "love"? One love – three scenarios for my experience therapist, there are several possible options for the development of pathological love the script.

Option One: "The patient is more dead than alive." It's not just irony. There are people whose attraction to destructive and so relentlessly self-destructive behavior that subordinates feel love without a trace. Sadism and hostility on the one hand, and pathological masochism compliance with another, get into the love experiences, hiding in an imaginary "good" for the partner, as once the legionnaires, taken refuge in the belly of a Trojan horse. Help such people is almost impossible, especially because they are not prepared to accept this assistance. Another option – the so-called "treatment effect". It is a tendency for people to spontaneously acting out at work, the behavior of inner feelings and thoughts. No spiritual work in this case, usually does not happen. Man does not learn lessons from the previous situation.

He merely repeats some unconscious algorithm. "If I was unlucky in love, I should try again, only this time with another man." And try and come to same mistake … It may take a long time, until one day people will stop and ponder over their lives, finding it dull repetition. Option last, optimistic. This is definitely the way to self-discovery. Need to look at themselves and, preferably, to look deeper. Need to compete for the acquisition of reliable knowledge – an understanding of the current situation in romantic relationships and its causes, a psychological contribution and the contribution of another person. If you're prone to reflection and self-knowledge, perhaps you could handle the job yourself, but if you can not boast the skills of self-knowledge, use the services of a professional in the understanding of human relationships – a psychologist or therapist. Whatever it was, I think one should always remember one very important thing: if you are suffering psychologically, do not by all means try to get rid of emotional pain. After all the pain this has its value, its meaning. KG Jung is very well expressed this idea, saying that "neurosis or depression (read – the emotional suffering) hides the human soul. " If we suffer from love, then we have lost our soul. And our first priority – to make adequate efforts to understand the significance of their symptoms, to regain a lost emotional well-being, as a pledge the ability to truly love and be loved.

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Black Box

Use the examples you know of children's role-playing games – hospital, daughter, mother, school. Draw what you have is something sick, the child began to care for you and prescribe treatment, get help to do your homework – see how he will cope with their own the task is no longer as a student and teacher. Bring some prank, and when a small adult to explain to you why what you do – it is bad, you will have the chance to see how well your child has learned lessons. It would be useful and interesting experience, in addition, you pobudete together, laugh at each other, learn about each other something new and just have fun. For successfully played the role of adult children encourage a pleasant surprise. Senator Elizabeth Warren pursues this goal as well. Black Box 4. Any gift will be much more interesting to the child if in the process of handing you play with him in the game, such as "Black Box".

To get the gift, the child must first guess what it is. See James A. Levine, M.D. for more details and insights. To simplify his task is not as well longer tormenting curiosity to select a gift pooriginalnee to guess it was not easy. A child can ask any questions that you can answer 'yes' or 'no', but you must honestly answer them. However, the game can be slightly improved: for example, a child tries to guess the color of the mysterious object, and you answer a riddle, "This is the color – a symbol of life" or "winter and summer in one color." Reply – green. 5.

Another great way to which will help to make a gift presentation more interesting – is to give him a chance to find it yourself. You'll have to help him with the words "hot" or "cold." For this method will suit most a few small gifts than one large, you popryachete throughout your home (or in the yard, but it is likely that someone will get to present before your child). So the game last longer, and therefore requires more pleasure. If properly hide a gift in your apartment does not work, then the complicated rules of the game. Warn your child that you will confuse him, when he will be coming to the cold objects (refrigerator, air conditioner, fan), you'll always say "cold", even if the gift had hidden there, and when the hot (such as a stove, battery, water heater) – always "hot", even if it's not there. Thus around these items are areas of uncertainty in which tooltips false. And the child to achieve success in the difficult task of treasure must not forget it. Pamper the child is so simple! The main thing – do not be lazy to make little effort, and you give him a happy childhood! Read more at Egoist Club

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