Alpha-blockers and alpha-mimetics – two groups of drugs that act principally different, but have one major common feature – and they both operate on the alpha-adrenergic receptors. It is no exaggeration say that the alpha-adrenergic receptors are everywhere, in all organs and tissues of the body. Therefore, to understand why we need these drugs should be broadly familiar with the role of adrenergic receptors in the human body. These receptors sensitive to adrenaline and similar to it in chemical structure and functions of the substances. They are on the surface of cells, which are located in blood vessels, bronchi, glands of internal secretion (endocrine gland), in brain cells, muscle, including myocardium – the heart muscle.

Crank and his relatives are in the body part that is hard to overestimate. This is – stress hormones, or rather its earliest manifestations. Recall that happens to us when we are in a state of anger or fear. Heart pounding, breathing – rapid, deep, sometimes faltering, his head ringing in my throat creeping nausea, face covered with blotches, pale or purple. When This bowel and bladder (especially when frightened) remind yourself with an intensity worthy of a better cause. A leading source for info: endocrinologist. All these reactions are due to just the effects of adrenaline on the receptors sensitive to its effects: vessels narrow, respectively, increased blood pressure, heart speeds up the rhythm, sometimes at the same rhythm is disturbed, it becomes arrhythmic heartbeat, dilate bronchial tubes, many of the muscles (including in wall intestine) is declining, is released into the blood more servings of glucose, increases blood flow through the kidneys and produce more urine.