Zodiac signs, zodiac signs have certain characteristics… At the present time are Horoscopes are back in fashion. As more and more people deal with Astrology again, want to find out the characteristics of your sign of the Zodiac and deepen access to your personal horoscope. How do I get? What the stars gave me? Fate keep the planet for me? And: that everything actually is really true? What can I do to improve my life? On the other hand, what should I avoid? Can an astrologer to help me? These are central questions, which employ many people. In addition, many people wonder, really, which partner is right for me? I already found my Prince? Or lurking uncertainties in my relationship? A partner horoscope is well suited for a relationship analysis. Such a partnership horoscope is ideal if you want to better understand the partner. Empathetic, an experienced astrologer explains the basic equipment of the of a beloved people, so that they better understood and so they not to own Equipment fit, at least better accepted and respected can.

A first step to answer the above questions of life is, to create his personal horoscope. One is based on the exact time of birth, the exact place of birth and of course, the exact date of birth on the effects of the stars on the character and is therefore much more accurate, as this could be a daily horoscope in the newspaper or even a rough classification based on the Zodiac oak. But which planned have actually impact on the horoscope of a people? And how these relate to the zodiac sign? In Western Astrology the planets of our solar system plus the Sun and the moon are considered. Here a brief overview that presents, what zodiac signs and what planet to which element include Zodiac fish changing water; Ruler: Neptune zodiac signs Aquarius fixed air; Ruler: Uranus zodiac signs Capricorn Cardinal Earth; Ruler: Saturn zodiac sign of Sagittarius changing Fire; Ruler: Jupiter zodiac signs Scorpio fixes water; Ruler: Pluto zodiac signs Libra Cardinal air; Ruler: Venus zodiac signs Virgo changing Earth; Ruler: Mercury Zodiac lion fixes fire; Ruler: Sun zodiac signs cancer Cardinal water; Ruler: Moon Zodiac twins volatile air; Ruler: Mercury zodiac signs Taurus fixed earth. Ruler: Venus zodiac signs Aries Succedent fire; Ruler: Mars a principle there but while dealing with astrological subjects to observe, not charlatans and cheaters to be fooled: be sure to observe the seriousness of your personal horoscope provider. Michael Walton