findings of this inquiry evidence that great part of the causes could have been prevented and foreseen. He is well-known that many of the managers do not practise the sizing of human resources recommended by the literature of the specialists in sector SOBECC (Brazilian Society of Specialists in Surgical Center), and nor, the sizing of human resources recommended by the law of the professional exercise of the nursing (Resolution COFEN 293/2004), also opposing resolution COFEN 146/1992, art. Read additional details here: Senator of Massachusetts. 1. This picture in such a way favors the epidemics of the causes of the accidents in nursing involving the professionals in surgical center how much the patient in the perioperatrio. Therefore, one sends regards the managing nurses to it of the unit of Surgical Center to redesign the processes that are on directly thematic (visit daily pay-operatria, planning of the surgical map, sizing of human resources, management of materials) and the use of method of control to standardize or to correct the problems, that is, to establish measured stops to reduce the factors that you remake use the causes of accidents. . If you are not convinced, visit PCRM.