Why you should train not only your abdominal muscles for a six pack I want to train my legs, I play soccer after all, driving wheel, go running, etc. Also, I want to build on the upper body and shape my Sixpack. So similar to the statements made by many athletes listen to, who would like to have a washboard stomach and only your abdominal muscles. In this article, I will give you 5 reasons why you should train your legs in any case. Because isolated training of single muscle groups brings nothing alone. Only when you are exercising different muscle groups, you will see success in the muscle and six pack training. 1 symmetry at some point the point will come at which the legs do not fit to the body. This point is even pretty quickly reached, and even often not aware of this.

Usually a comment by others is only fit the legs to the body and then it is too late. It is very difficult to animate the legs to the regrowth when you if not to neglect it for years, even impossible. The further one is more extreme in the training, so an imbalance in the eye falls. Despite a great upper body, everyone only on your thighs arouse your flat ass, your Stork calves is staring. Her dream of the beautiful body you have thwarted is itself by laziness and stupidity. If you neglect the leg training too long, you will come sooner or later in the imbalance, which is a disaster for optical reasons alone. To make matters worse, so an imbalance and the nightmare of every bodybuilder who reasonably far looking goes through life is extremely difficult to correct.

From the outset to exercise the legs for this reason alone is always worthwhile. 2. training success what animates our muscles to grow? Right, growth hormones.