Know what are side effects of nose surgery, as well as its duration, will help you feel safer and more comfortable in terms of the idea of subjecting you to a facial plastic surgery. Some of the major side effects of nasal surgery are: * pain after surgery. Nose injuries can be very painful, yet most patients control the discomfort only with common painkillers. But if the severe pain, the surgeon can prescribe stronger medications. Click Centene Corp for additional related pages. In general, the intense pain decreases within the first 24 hours. (Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). * Inflammation. Normally occurs in the nose and around the eyes, but will begin to decrease approximately on the third day and disappear in a few weeks. A small swelling will be for six months.

* Bruising. While some patients have small bruises, others have dark markings above and below the eyes, as if they had black eyes. However it is a symptom that It will disappear in no more than ten days. A good plastic surgeon probably achieve good results with minimal side effects. Find a professional plastic surgeon in your area. Remember that before do you any plastic surgery, you have to prepare yourself and speak with the plastic surgeon on: what you want and what you expect of plastic surgery how are health if you use drugs frequently if you’ve had previous surgery plastic surgeon must decide technique to apply according to your case and discuss it with you.