10 Platjes de Comte represented Platjes de Comte in some guidebooks as the most beautiful beach in Ibiza. Admittedly, the location of the beach is wonderful. Small offshore islands and turquoise waters make bathing a beautiful experience. Ibiza – Platjes, de Comte because the beach is but unfortunately not very wide, some Sun-seekers on the flat rocks must relocate. Also, only one beach bar becomes available, the waves and water depth are not always ideal for infants, so that the beach has some deductions in the B Note.

Nevertheless you should once have went to this beach. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center shines more light on the discussion. Sun loungers and umbrellas are offered in high season (as of 2011). 11 Cala Bassa Cala Bassa has a large car park and a wide sandy beach. In the park fee of 4-5 euro is already a drink in the bar included (as of 2011). This Cala beside the beach has a medium-sized natural water pool with very shallow water for families ideal, there it is. Ibiza – be Cala Bassa sun beds and umbrellas in the mid-season (and partially in the low season) offered (as of 2011).

12 Badia de Sant Antoni in the larger town of St. Antoni de Portmany holds various beaches. He is one of the few major tourist places in addition to Santa Eurlaria de Riu and Platja de Bossa. Ibiza – Badia de Sant Antoni in all bays you can rely on a very well-developed tourist structure. Bars, kiosks and restaurants make the place even for families a good holiday resort. Ibiza – Badia de Sant Antoni is a must for tourists in the high season visit the cafe “Cafe of del Mar”. To minor Music and marvel at the sunset here in the evening countless tourists with a cocktail in your hand and the right mood on the night life of the party. Sun beds and umbrellas are offered (as of 2011) in high season (and partially in the low season).