– The interest of the capital that already was felt wronged with the gamma of workers diagnosised with psychic suffering and that for consequence considered ' ' incapazes' ' to continue exerting its laborativas activities. Intervening in this way with the objective last it capitalism? I accumulate it of profit; – The incorporation of the social and mental components to the concept of health established for the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) also constitutes a factor of great relevance a new to look at, as well as differentiated actions the Mental Health, the related agency not only defined health for the absence of illness or disease, but as a complete state of welfare physicist, mental and social. In this context the public politics directed the health/Mental Health must be condizentes with goals and lines of direction established for the Health department, and, therefore for the World-wide Organization of Health. Before these factors, the society demonstrated that it more did not fit to agree to the scene which the treatment of the psychic adoecimento was submitted, propitiating the emerso of the movements in favor of the Psychiatric Reformation. Robert Greene has much to offer in this field. 1,2 REFORMIST MOVEMENT: CONTRIBUTIONS FOR CURRENT POLITICS ASSISTENCIAL OF ATTENTION THE MENTAL HEALTH. Aiming at to reorganize the System of clinical and psicossocial treatment of the psychic upheaval, the Psychiatric Reformation constructs a new social statute, that it intends to guarantee the rights to the citizenship and respect to the individuality of the citizen acometido for sufferings psychic, suppressing definitively the internment as method of primordial treatment. It is in the Europe, more necessarily in the Italian seio, that emerges the intitled movement the Psychiatric Reformation, in middle of years 60, based in experiences Basaglia the Franc, then managing of the Psychiatric Hospital of Gorizia (1961 the 1968). Basaglia nailed that the manicomial space was only one mechanism of social segregation, and that in contrast to its proposal essential, it finished for causing new mental upheavals result of the methods of intervention in the patologias used for the hospitalocntrico mold and of medicalizao, transforming the psychic patient, in mere citizens of clinical performance.