The leader must dream and be very creative, teach their employees are to get where they want to reach, with work, dedication and perseverance. It must be a visionary capable of selling your dreams, you must instill in their employees the idea which are the trainers of the women and men of tomorrow. The leader must possess the ability to awaken in all its employees, the potentiality they have inside. Another point that is necessary and important policies and strategies are to be used, the Organization should establish its mission and vision via a strategy clearly focused on all interest groups and supported by policies, plans, objectives, goals and relevant processes. Organizations achieve peak performance when they manage and share their knowledge within a general culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement. All persons they should participate, to the extent possible, both in the definition of the strategy and plans and objectives to be achieved.

According to all the issues raised must incorporate the term quality is ensured, being appropriate to speak of the ISO 9000 standard, since they offer organizations the opportunity to participate actively in the current market, inasmuch as it provides a series of requirements in specifications reliable and recognized universally, so any organization can reach the quality, the implementation of a system of quality under ISO 9000 standards can generate multiple benefits, among which are, according to Gonzalez (1998): is an internationally recognized certification. Generates and strengthens trust between client and vendor serves to boost the company’s workers to achieve continuous improvement. Allows you to capture and develop new markets both national as international to create a standardized system streamline operations and processes that the company makes, allowing to increase its effectiveness. It eliminates waste and inefficiencies of the system, resulting in a significant reduction of costs. It contributes to achieving the levels of quality demanded by customers.